Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ranking MLB ballparks 30-21

As the millions of readers to this site know, I'm a big MLB fan so I wanted to hit every current ballpark in the county. I just recently accomplished this with a trip to US Cellular Field in Chicago. Anyways, I'll update this later with photos from each place.

EDIT- I bumped Fenway up 2 slots (24 to 22) upon review. Still don't think it's all that.

30) (Oakland)- the only saving grace about this place is it's easily accessible via BART. Run to the park, run back to the train, keep head below windows.

29) Tropicana Field (Tampa)- while I understand it rains a lot in FL, it rarely rains more than an hr. Add to the fact the park is in St Pete (nice little traffic jam drive from Tampa) and you understand why people don't go to games. And the park itself is AUful.

28) Rogers Centre (Toronto)- 25yrs ago this was a great place. Now, it's outdated and even the locals don't know if the Blue Jays are playing.

27) Marlins Park (Miami)- brand new (a yr old) and it sucks. Built in a neighborhood with nothing around it, bland, and most importantly... noone goes to games. The people of Miami were hoodwinked by their local gov't in financing this.

26) Minute Maid Park (Houston)- The one game I attended they kept the roof closed even though it was about 85 degrees outside. Park isn't in a great area and don't have much around it from what I remember. And the train... it screams Auburn to me.

25) Dodger Stadium (LA)- old, parking is a nightmare, and seating sucks. And nothing around it.

24) Chase Field (Phoenix)- only game I attended there the outside temp was 104. Thankfully the roof was closed. Nothing special about this place, but it is easy to get to via light rail.

23) Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City)- I admit I was there the year before the remodeled the place, but left unimpressed. It's in a sketchy part of town with nothing around it.

22) Fenway Park (Boston)- the neighborhood is great, but everything else about it sucks IMO. Seating is tight, food is mediocre, and there's a beam blocking part of the field (EVERYWHERE) in the lower sections. I suspect people will rail on me for this one. Edit- I sat in the 'luxury' box for this one... I thought it was crap.

21) Turner Field (Atlanta)- if you were to look up the word 'bland' in the dictionary a picture of this place should be there. Traffic nightmare, no easy mass transit to it, bland park, bland food, bland everything.


Tony Looney said...

Very interesting that you rated Fenway so low. Having gone to all of the
parks myself (many of them multiple times), I have Fenway number 2
behind Wrigley on my list. I am a BIG on tradition and can foresake some
of the amenities in lieu of the history and the great names that have
played there. I look forward to the remainder of your list.
three favorites in no particular order of the the new style parks are
Pitt, Det, and SF. You are spot on you analysis of Oak, Tampa, Tor,
Dodgers and Miami.

bobbyjack said...

I love the neighborhood aspect of Fenway and Wrigley and while I also love tradition, comparing both to some of the modern facilities (done right) leaves them short IMO.

If I could rank Oakland lower I would. I've seen a couple dozen minor league fields that are superior.

crimsontider said...

I'm suprised fenway, and the Marlins Park were ranked so low. Turner field I can understand (even as a Braves fan) because it is very poorly located.

DJC said...

I haven't been to all of them, but am slowly making my way through, and I agree. Wrigley is my favorite, and I really liked Fenway a lot too. Bobbyjack probably should have disclosed the fact that he is a Yankees fan, I suspect that played a role in Fenway's low ranking.