Friday, August 02, 2013

Alabama Reportedly Rescinds Riley Norris' Offer

Big news on the recruiting front last night as Evan Daniels, a national recruiting analyst with Fox, reported that Alabama has rescinded their offer to 2014 recruit, Riley Norris, whom many rate as the #2 ranked recruit in the state of Alabama. The reason for this move is unknown at this time, but my two cents is it has something do with an off-court issue of some kind. The strangest part of this story seems to be the fact that the Bama coaching staff may have leaked the story they were backing off of Norris. For a coaching staff that has been so tight-lipped in the past regarding any decisions made involving players, this is an interesting development to say the least.

UPDATE:  Okay. Evan Daniels, who originally reported that Alabama had rescinded their offer to Riley Norris, tweeted this morning that Alabama is once again involved with Norris. Whatever bridge had been burned has obviously been repaired. Ah, the long strange trip of recruiting.

In other recruiting news, 2014 SG Devin Mitchell will be announcing his top eight schools at noon today. Alabama is expected to be among those schools. Mitchell has had plenty of nice things to say about Grant and his staff, but his stock is rising heading into his Senior year of high school and it appears his recruitment could last well into the spring. I've sang the praises of Mitchell in a previous post so my hope is that he eventually chooses to come to Alabama.

UPDATE 2: And now it appears Riley Norris has committed to Alabama. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

UPDATE:  As expected, Alabama makes the cut for Devin Mitchell. Other schools in his top 8 are K-State, Memphis, Wake Forest, UAB, Georgia, Cincinnati and Ole Miss.

This video highlights some of the reasons I like Mitchell's game so much.


crimsontider said...

Has to be an off field issue, no other possible reason for Alabama to pull the offer, or leak the fact that they pulled the offer.

DJC said...

Rumor is that he was recruiting against us, possibly trying to sway Coleman to join him and Isaac Haas, supposedly to UAB. I have no idea if that is true or not, but Haas eliminated us in the very early goings. If true, I certainly understand rescinding their offer. If they do end up at UAB, that's a great get for the Blazers. I like what Jerod Haase is doing there.

crimsontider said...

I have heard that, among other things, but i believe it has to be something other than that. I mean would Alabama really pull his offer, and then leak it to the media, just because he badmouthed us to a couple of recruits? The most shocking part of this to me is that we leaked it to the media. Why?

finebammer said...

told u so.

finebammer said...

here's your "off the court issue":

finebammer said...

and happy, in his infinite basketball wisdom: "UAB will be the least of Alabama's worries in landing him." (him being Norris)


say what you want, losing Trevor Lacey hurt. bad.

Msmilie said...

Old news. The story already doesn't have much traction as Demetrius Houston has committed to Mississippi State and Coleman has committed to Bama.

Msmilie said...

I stand by that comment. Norris is receiving interest from a lot of major players. If Alabama had continued recruiting him, I would have been more worried about schools like Florida and Vandy than UAB. Of course, it doesn't matter anymore now that Alabama have removed themselves from consideration.

Furthermore, I don't understand why you're documenting every little thing I write here. I'm not a journalist or a recruiting analyst. I'm a working stiff who contributes an opinion and information to this blog part time. I don't feel the need to have you watchdogging me, capiche?

I never said losing Lacey didn't hurt. Believe me, I would love to have him coming back next season. However, I don't believe that Lacey's departure hurts the team to the point they can't be competitive next season.