Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bama loses 76-72 in final game of European trip

This team recently played the team that beat us yesterday by 30 within 2, so it's a good sign that we were at least competitive in this game.  Jacobs had 14 points and 9 rebounds while cooper had 14 pts and 7 rebounds.

In recent years, a lack of continuity and certainty with the rotation has hurt us in some early season games.  I am hopeful that this trip will help to rectify those problems this year.


crimsontider said...

Alabama picked up another commitment. 2015 3* SF Brandon Austin.

Msmilie said...

It seems like we can bank on a starting five of Releford, Randolph, Cooper, Jacobs and Engstrom. That's a good, experienced starting five. The bench will be the key. Retin seems certain to be a contributor, but how long will it take the three newcomers to get settled? I think things could be tenuous, at least early. That starting five will have to play some major minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if Releford, Randolph and Cooper all average over 30 minutes. I can't wait for November 8th.

crimsontider said...

I love Retin, but you have to go with the 3 guard two big men line up. The 4 guard line ups are way too easy to defend, the other teams can just zone us to death.