Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crimson Tide v. Red Giants

Alabama just tipped off in Meppel, The Netherlands against the Red Giants.  Since our fearless leader failed to provide us with a "know your enemy" report, I will try to pick up the slack, albeit belatedly. (Hey, it's the preseason for us too, give us a break!)

Here is a blog dedicated to the Red Giants.  It will probably not be much use to you unless you speak Dutch.  According to google translate, they need a volunteer to operate the 24 second clock, which makes me wonder if these games are being played with a 24 or 35 second shot clock.  It it's the former, based on our offense last season, that could present some problems.

Here is their official site.  Apparently they play in the Euro basket league.  They played Quinnipiac in 2011 and lost 109-61

I looked for some videos on youtube, and not sure if this is their current team, but if it is, I will be disappointed if we don't beat them by 50+.  Seriously, this looks like a church league team.  I honestly think the 5 of us who write on this blog (PG-Bobbyjack, SG-myself, SF-Hville, PF-Alias, C-MSmilie) despite being small, old, and overall not very athletic, could probably hang with these guys and actually lead at halftime (we would blow it in the second half due to fatigue, foul trouble, and a lack of depth).

Bobbyjack was a little tight with the travel budget allowance this year, so I'm stuck with everyone else wondering what is going on.

UPDATE:  Bama leads 36-25 in the second quarter.  Unfortunately there is no audio or video available for this game, the only way I've been able to keep up is to follow @AlabamaMBB on twitter.  For those of you not on twitter, I will periodically post updates here to keep you up to speed.  At the end of the first quarter, we led 27-20, Nick Jacobs and Rodney Cooper led the scoring with 6 pts each.  The starting 5 was 1. Releford, 2. Levi, 3. Cooper, 4. Jacobs, 5. Engstrom.


Coach Grant can't be happy about giving up 42 points in a half.

UPDATE 3:  10-3 run to start the 2nd half.  58-45 Bama.


That's more like it.  Cooper has 17, Jacobs 13, and Releford 11.

UPDATE 6:  Final Score:  85-68 Bama.


bobbyjack said...

Sorry fellas... thought about a write-up, but I'm so clueless on the Red Giants I didn't think I could write a paragraph of info.

Msmilie said...

Me at Center? I like it.

crimsontider said...

Like everyone here, I did not see the game so I can't really comment on how we played. However, from the stats that I saw, it looked like Rodney Cooper, and Nick Jacobs were particularly impressive. If anyone knows where I could possibly find a box score, or highlights of the game, that would be very much appreciated. On to the next one. Beat Belgium. Roll Tide.