Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Know your enemy, Antwerp Giants

Here is their official site.  It won't do you much good unless you speak Dutch.  Google translate helps, but is a little rough.  Here is their Wiki page.  They have a couple of guys from the states, and they play in lotto arena, which holds around 5,000, making it about five times as large as the last two arenas we played in.  I note that we are playing the Giants II, and I'm not sure what the distinction is between the Giants II and Giants.

I was able to find this clip from a couple of years ago.  They look like a solid team to me

UPDATE:  After trailing 16-14 at the end of the first quarter, Bama takes a 41-30 lead into the second half.

UPDATE 2:  59-47 Bama through 3 quarters.  Levi leading the way with 19.

UPDATE 3: Bama wins!  79-67.


Msmilie said...

Nick has another double figure rebounding total today. That is very encouraging.

crimsontider said...

And three blocks. Would love for him and Engstrom to both start. I think that would be better for us than a 4 guard starting lineup.