Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let's talk non-conference hoops schedule

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Before I start... I'll probably be posting much less come basketball season due to me cutting the cord. My access to the various ESPN channels (and any sports cable channels)  will mostly wither away (save ESPN 3) so you might not get a whole lot of preview posts. With that being said...

Our non-conference schedule is on paper about as tough as I ever have seen. Of the 13 'published' games 7 of them nicely fit in the 'tough' category. Those are Oklahoma, semi and finals of NIT (assuming we make it that far), Wichita St, Xavier, Charleston So, and UCLA.

I truly have no clue what we are and chances are we won't know the team we got until about game 7 of the season. If I were to guess (and I'm the pessimist of the of the 5 that write here) I'd go with 8-5. I could see it going as high as 10 and as low as 5 wins though.

We really need to see Cooper, Jacobs, and Randolph step up. I'm pretty sure that Releford will put together another fantastic season so I focus on the other upperclassmen. I expect Obasohan to take the next step and give Relly some help. Maybe big Carl becomes a rebound machine, defensive presence so Jacobs can concentrate on O. It's going to be an interesting season. Note- I haven't commented on incoming freshman as I usually wait a few games to even begin to critique them.

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