Thursday, August 15, 2013

More from Europe

I found this video of our game from Gembo.

And here is one from the game against the Antwerp Giants

Also, I have been exchanging emails with a gentleman from the Netherlands who attended our first game against Meppel.  He said the team we played was not actually the Meppel Red Giants, as most of that team is currently away on vacation.  There were a few players from that team who played against us, but the coach made some calls and got players from 3 or 4 other teams in the region.  He noted that our players did not wear their normal uniforms and numbers, so the roster was not very helpful.

Of particular concern was that he reported the Dutch center scored 20 points on us in the first half alone, despite being "overweight and out of shape because he hasn't practiced yet this season."  He said this guy showed up shortly before the game because he didn't leave his day job till 6:00 p.m., and cramped up after 5 minutes of play, but still dropped 20 on us in limited minutes in the first half.

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Msmilie said...

I'm not sure we can take a lot from what our guys are doing or their guys are doing in these games. It doesn't look like defense is being stressed on either side and I imagine the coaching staff is more interested in looking at different line-ups and trying to stay healthy rather than playing suffocating defense.

These types of games seem to be the norm in these foreign contests. Every game I've looked at involving D-1 schools has had high shooting percentages, scoring etc. It's not really indicative of what these teams will see when D-1 play resumes, which makes one think the coaches are more interested in the educational and team building aspects of these trips and the extra practices more than the actual games themselves. Props to our guys though. If I was taking canal cruises in Amsterdam, visiting the Louvre, etc. I would have a hard time giving a damn about playing a basketball game. That would be the last thing on my mind.