Friday, August 02, 2013

Ranking the MLB Parks 10-6

I'll add photos ASAP. When I talk about the food I pretty much go with a park dog or brat when available.

10) Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia)- What I really like about this place is Philly put all their pro sports teams within a 1/4 mile of each other. While there is nothing around the park to do, inside it's immaculate. Great view from just about every seat, great food and parking wasn't a total ripoff.

9) Petco Park (San Diego)- the location is great although that makes it a bit more expensive to park. Inside, I thought it's in my top 5, but I wasn't a fan of the food (blah). The fact that the Fathers have sucked the better part of a decade doesn't help the atmosphere.

8) Safeco Field (Seattle)- Used to be in my top 5, but others have bumped it down to here. Great view of the city, easy to get to (Mass Transit drops you off a block or so away), inside is awesome, and the food was decent. Only downside to me is the seats seem a bit far from the action.... and the day I went it was about 45 degrees (game after opening day).

7) Comerica Park (Detroit)- Detroit is a hellhole, but this park (and Ford Field) is the exception to this place. The area around the park is nice with plenty of bars, restaurants and even casinos (got to pay off city bankruptcy). Inside I was impressed with the view, seating and even the park dog was pretty good. Parking was a bit pricey ($20), but I drove in from western Ohio so planning mass transit wasn't a real option.

6) Camden Yards (Baltimore)- Just missed the top 5 although one of my favorites. This place is what started the really nice new parks you see today. 20+ years later this is still a treat to go to and with the Orioles being meaningful again, the place is rocking. Parking can be had for $15 with a not too far of a walk. Not much right there by the park, but inside you have plenty of food choices to pick from. I suggest the RF area as I believe they have mastered the brat. Seating inside is close to the action IMO and ticket prices are more than fair.

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crimsontider said...

Camden Yards is an all time favorite, I can't say a bad word about it. Sidenote: Apparently Alabama has pulled Riley Norris's offer. Does anyone know what that is about?