Monday, August 05, 2013

Riley Norris has committed to Alabama!

In a shocking turn of events, at least to me, Riley Norris has committed to sign with Alabama.  You can read his statement here.  This comes just a few days after we reportedly pulled his offer.  I'm not sure how one commits to a school he doesn't have an offer from, but apparently we re-offered, or perhaps the reports of the original offer rescission were bogus.  Either way, good job by Coach Grant and the staff and welcome to Tuscaloosa, Riley.  This should finally give us that outside shooting specialist we've been missing the last few seasons.


Msmilie said...

Evan Daniels originally reported that Bama had rescinded the offer. Either there was a misunderstanding or Daniels got this wrong from the jump. Either way, great news.

And Finebammer: Hah hah ho ho heh heh hah hah ho ho heh heh

crimsontider said...

What a great week for Alabama basketball, we needed this. RTR.

finebammer said...

i think it's important to remember a commitment means nothing. look at how many recruits Coach Saban has flipped.

something smells about all of this. here's hoping we get norris. this program needs him.

crimsontider said...

It's different in basketball with the early signing period, most commitments stick.

Msmilie said...

You're incapable of enjoying anything. Or maybe it's simply you were hee-hawing a day or two ago and now have nothing to hee-haw about.

What about Occam's razor? Perhaps the Evan Daniels report was untrue to begin with and Alabama had never rescinded their offer for Norris. I thought it strange that a staff as tight lipped as Grant would have let something like that slip out to begin with. Norris has been a lifelong Alabama fan. Perhaps that merely trumps all in this case.