Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is one of the most exciting days of the year for me, the day our upcoming basketball schedule gets finalized (well, we are still waiting on the 2 NIT games in Tuscaloosa to be announced, but other than that...).  The SEC schedule was released today.

You can see the full schedule here.

Alabama's schedule is (all times Central):

v. Vandy, Tuesday, January 7, 8 p.m. ESPNU
@ Georgia, Saturday, January 11, 3pm, SEC Network
v. Mi$$i$$ippi $tate, Wednesday, January 15, 7pm, SEC Network
@Mizzou, Saturday, January 18, 1pm, ESPN/2
v. Florida, Thursday, January 23, 6pm, ESPN/2
v. LSU, Saturday, January 25, 7pm, ESPN2
@auburn, Wednesday, January 29, 7pm, SECNetwork
v. Tennessee, Saturday, February 1, 7pm, ESPN2
@Arkansas, Wednesday, February 5, 7pm SECNetwork
@Florida, Saturday, February 8, 11am, ESPN
v. Ole Miss, Tuesday, February 11, 8pm, ESPNU
@South Carolina, Saturday, February 15, 3pm, SECNetwork
@aTm, Thursday, February 20, 6pm, ESPN/2
v. Mizzou, Saturday, February 22, 7pm, ESPN2
@Ole Miss, Wednesday, February 26, TBD, ESPN3
v. auburn, Saturday, March 1, 2pm, ESPNU
@Kentucky, Tuesday, March 4, 8pm, ESPN
v. Arkansas, Saturday, March 8, TBD, ESPN3

A few thoughts, playing auburn twice will hurt our RPI, but Florida twice will make up for that.   Mizzou, Ole Miss, and Arkansas should all be respectable enough opponents that this is a solid schedule from an RPI standpoint.

I am looking forward to making my first trip to Mizzou for a game. I was also hoping we would catch Kentucky earlier in the year, they will be tough in March.  On the positive side, for the first time since 1963 we don't have to go to Starkville.


Msmilie said...

Win 8-10 games in the non-conference portion of the schedule and win 9 or more games with this conference schedule and Bama will at least be in the conversation again.

The conference schedule is so much better than last year from an RPI perspective. The schedule presents Alabama with an opportunity to get off to a good start, but there's no doubt it's tougher. That means the team may lose more conference games this year, but be in far better shape for an NCAA bid.

Just glancing at the schedule without knowing too much about each conference team yet, I think 10 wins is an objective number. One thing that stands out is Alabama has a number of road games against teams that may be projected in the bottom half of the standings (Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina and A&M). If those projections pan out, those will be considered four very winnable road games. The selection committee really puts an emphasis on how well a team does on the road so those could prove to be as important as the home games against the teams that should be projected higher.

Two other games that stand out, both home games against LSU and Tennessee. Both teams are expected to be in the running for an NCAA bid next year. Alabama only plays them once. Should all three be on the bubble come March, those games could be crucial. It's very important that Alabama take care of its business at home against the better teams. Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Missouri are all coming to Tuscaloosa, and all will probably be projected in the top 8 of the league. Crucial games for Bama.

bobbyjack said...

2 things:
- Glad the UGA game is early and on a Saturday. Going again.
- Disappointed no UTK road game. Might have to go to the Barn to make up if my schedule allows it.

crimsontider said...

I've got us 10-8 in the SEC, 18-13 overall. I have us losing @Mizzou, Florida twice, @Arkansas, UT, @UK, @Ole Miss, and @ South Carolina, (bad loss, counting on at least one bad loss, plus we always struggle there). That would likely put us on the wrong side of the bubble going into the SECT.

Msmilie said...

Regarding MSU vs Auburn as our true rivalry: Rick Ray also appears to be putting that house back in order far quicker than Barbee is at Auburn. State will probably be the better opponent in a year or two.

However, hoops or not, Auburn is Bama's rival in everything and should be the permanent opponent in my humble opinion.

I don't see Bama being on the wrong side of the bubble if they go 10-8 in conference and don't completely crap the bed in the non-conference. If their RPI is higher than the low 40s based on this schedule, I will be shocked.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

By default our 4 home and away opponents the following season will be UK, Vandy, USC and TA&M

crimsontider said...

Actually come to think of it, why are there any natural rivalries? Are any basketball rivalries in the SEC so sacred that it has to be played twice a year?