Monday, October 14, 2013

Levi Randolph Suffers Knee Injury

It almost makes you want to cry. When you have a team with only nine eligible scholarship players, what do you hope doesn't happen? Injuries, my dear Watson, injuries. You never want to see a player injured, but you understand they are part of the game. To expect any team to slug it out for 31 games without a few bumps or bruises is unrealistic, but you just hope that there are no severe injuries. As a player, a coach or a fan, you understand that injuries can undermine an otherwise great opportunity.

Well, lo and behold, it was announced today that Levi Randolph suffered a knee injury at practice on Saturday. No idea on the extent of the injury yet, but it was announced he will be sidelined for "several weeks". Several weeks implies it's not a serious injury and Levi may be back for the start of the season, but he's going to miss valuable practice time. And who knows if this will be a lingering injury? Here's hoping Levi comes back quickly and is ready to roll.

If he doesn't return before the start of the season, I expect Retin and/or Algie Key will see an increase in minutes. It's not a bad thing for them as I think both are capable of stepping in and playing well, but Levi is an experienced guy who was playing as well as anyone at the end of last season. Hopefully, this is just a minor bump in the road.

Unfortunately, Levi is not the only player nursing an injury. In a video posted at Anthony Grant revealed that Carl Engstrom was experiencing some soreness in his knee, Ricky Tarrant is nursing a back injury and Michael Kessens has not only experienced a "minor" knee injury, but also a broken nose. Tarrant and Kessens are both sitting out this year, but both are being counted on to improve practices. Hopefully these injuries remain minor and everyone will be relatively healthy in three weeks when the season tips off.


bobbyjack said...

A couple things:
1) This is why you don't go into a season year after year with a less than full roster. With players transfering out we are 5 deep with a bunch of freshman (might be slight exaggeration) expected now to come in and produce immediately. Since we are not Kentucky, UNC, Duke, etc I think this is a lot to ask for from the incoming freshman.
2) Didn't get a chance to comment on the other posts (took a while to figure out my password)... that was a lot of knowledge dropping. I used to say I kept up with hoops, but compared to you I am a football only fan :)

I don't have a good feeling about this year to be honest... I see a few teams in the SEC improved while we either didn't lose much/dropped off a little.

crimsontider said...

As unlucky as we are, most of are own problems are self created. The attrition, and the continued lack of a full roster (as Bobbyjack alluded to), puts us behind the eight ball before every single season. Until that changes I do not see the program going anywhere. Sidenote: Has anyone heard anything about Nick Jacobs? He hurt his shoulder a couple of months ago. Is he ok now?

Msmilie said...

It's a fair point you and Bobby make about the lack of a full roster. All I will say in response is that it's not just in Tuscaloosa. Due to the increasing number of transfers, there simply aren't many teams out there who can truly say they have a full roster. These days, if you have a 10-11 player roster, that's pretty good. For the sake of argument, Alabama does have 11 scholarship players total. Tarrant and Kessens may not be able to play, but their impact on the team in practice will be important.

Regarding Jacobs: he's been practicing so the shoulder injury must not be as bad as it first appeared.

Msmilie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Bobby. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning this time of the year.

I think the league is improved and the non-conference schedule is stout, but I think Bama can be competitive if the injuries don't stack up. I like the guys that are returning and I think the new guys will be able to fill a role of some kind. Is Alabama a lock for an NCAA bid? Hell naw. Too many question marks beyond a few guys and the Levi injury only reinforces the lack of depth. However, if they remain healthy, I think they'll be a better version of last year's team (19-20 victories in the regular season, but a little bit better on offense and the RPI/SOS shold be better thanks to the tougher schedule).

bobbyjack said...

Reports are everything from his leg being cut off at the tailbone to not being more than a couple of weeks on the sidelines. I love the innernets!
Latest report is a couple of weeks.