Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nashville gets one step closer to being permanent SECT host

I'm not a big fan of it to be honest as the SEC Tournament is mostly bad basketball. Keeping the tourney in the same place will quickly dwindle interest in that city IMO.


I think it should rotate between 4 cities since the SEC footprint stretches from Missouri to Florida. Bounce them around between Atlanta (my preference), New Orleans, Nashville, and St Louis. Florida, UGA, and South Carolina fans wouldn't travel if the tourney was in their backyard so I mostly disregarded them in my 4 cities list.

ATL obviously favors Alabama, Auburn, UGA, SC Lite, and UTK
Nashville favors Kentucky, Vandy, UTK, Bama, and Ole Miss
New Orleans favors LSU, but no one minds 3-4 days in NOLA
St Louis favors Missouri, Kentucky, Vandy, Arkansas, and maybe Ole Miss

Mi$$ $t, Texas A&M, and Florida fans have to travel far regardless, but their travel fanbase is in the low 100s so there is no reason to accommodate them.


crimsontider said...

All of the possible sites favor Kentucky. The majority of the rest of the leagues fan bases are more concerned with spring practice, or which 17 year old recruit their football coaches are chasing around that time of year, unfortunately.

bobbyjack said...

I know UK fans will travel anywhere, but was drawing the line on convenience. I think the soon to be permanent Nashville site is something Kentucky hammered out as they know they rule the conference with an iron fist in hoops.