Friday, November 29, 2013

Condensed Know Your Enemy- Drexel Dragons

Since I am posting from a phone. I don't have the ability to multi task so this one will be short.

First off, Drexel gave Arizona all they could handle... being up as many as 16 in the first halfand was in the game up until the final 2 minutes. I suspect both Drexel and Alabama wwon't be fired up to play today... coaching will decide this one as whoever gets his team ready to play in this disappointing consolation game will most likely win it.

Preview from Drexel.
Note that Damion Lee is out for the game.
Season stats.

Drexel has 3 averaging double digits led by Chris Fouch. Not a good shooting team so we have that going for us.

They are 3-2. Other loss was at UCLA in a close one so we know the Zona game was not a fluke.

We need to win this game, but I don't have a good feeling about it. I really hope the team is motivated to play and can leave NYC 1-1. My gut feeling says Drexel wins by 6.

Game is at 3:30 pm EST on ESPN 2. Any errors... blame it on auto correct.


crimsontider said...

We had many opportunities to win this game, and blew it. I feel terrible for our players, but our season is over. We are finished. The direction of the program is the big concern now, and I don't feel very confident about it.

Msmilie said...

This one was just a crushing loss that is disappointing for so many reasons. The 1st half effort was pathetic. This team has said all summer that the NCAA tournament was a goal. If that's the case, the lack of urgency they played with in the 1st half isn't going to get it done. Yes, the late game possessions in regulation when Alabama had the game in hand was abysmal and the frequently missed opportunities in overtime as well. But, make no mistake, the game was lost in the 1st half. If Bama comes out in the 1st with the effort they showed in the 2nd for all 40 minutes, they win this game by double digits.

Releford did not have a great two games in MSG. He turned it on in the 2nd half tonight, but he was a no-show in the 1st half, and that simply isn't an option for him this year if Alabama is going to have any chance of winning meaningful games. Once again, the team fought and scrapped against a good Drexel team, but why does it take falling behind by 11 points before this team wakes the hell up?

From a resume perspective, this loss is a killer. Drexel is going to be a favorite in the CAA, but their RPI when all is said and done will probably be in the triple digits. Alabama's SOS will allow them opportunities to recover, but they can't afford too many more losses in the non-conference.

I like the toughness and discipline that Grant has brought to the program, but there have simply been too many bad losses in the last four years. If you want to be a tournament team, you have to find a way to win certain types of games. Tonight was one of those types of games. Last season, the home losses to Mercer, Tulane and Dayton stuck to this team. I fear this one will have the same effect.

Kudos to Nick Jacobs. He played well both games in New York. If he can be consistent moving forward, at least Alabama will have a post scoring presence.