Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bama Bests Bucs

This was first visit to Coleman Coliseum this year and for the first 30 minutes of the game I was wishing I had stayed home.  The defense was good enough against the hottest scoring team in the country, but the half-court offense (if you can call it that) was painful to watch.  Poor Nick Jacobs could not get the ball to fall through the hoop to save his life, although he did hit a few free throws down the stretch.  We were.out rebounded by a smaller team playing a zone until the last 150 seconds of the game. Even The Crimson Cabaret looked out of synch and a bit out of shape.  Fortunately Obosohan had a career night and (I think it was) five offensive rebounds.  Rodney Cooper also broke his scoring drought and hit three shots outside the arc in the last ten minutes of the game to stretch the Tide's narrow lead.

Hopefully one of our regulars will chime in with some real insight.  I am having trouble typing on this iPad mini and am sleepy.  I shudder to think how tired I will be Tuesday night driving home from e Wichita State game.

Roll Tide!

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