Monday, December 02, 2013

Know Your Enemy- North Florida Ospreys

They come in at 4-4 playing the Gators close in their opening game and getting blown out by Ohio State in their previous one. They actually have a game tonight (vs Edward Waters) so maybe we can catch them worn down.

EDIT- North Florida throttled Edward Waters 90-68. I am officially worried now. Or maybe not.

Season Stats

Travis Wallace leads the team in points and board per game (12.5/7.4). He is an undersized forward I think we can handle quite easily inside.

Dallas Moore is hitting 48% from 3 and is their 2nd leading scorer. He shoots he ball better from beyond the arc than inside it. He has put up almost 15 a game the last 3.

Beau Beech is another one averaging double digits scoring and also is better beyond the arc (.395) than inside it (.394). He is a 6'8" guard that so far chucks up the most 3s on the team.

Charles McRoy and Chris Davenport round out the starting five. Davenport could be a slight issue inside and on the boards.

Some numbers:
- 74.1 PPG
- .720 FT
- +3.5 rebound margin
- 15.6 turnovers a game

This is a good opponent for us after the disappointing showing in MSG. Get Jacobs started inside (and keep him interested in the game) then let Relly and Retin take over with the dribble drive. I would like to see Cooper and Randolph work on some mid-range shots if the game is out of reach as they both need the confidence.

Game time is 8PM EST (7 CST) 12/4 on CSS I think.


finebammer said...

blast from the past:

finebammer said...

i wish 'Bama would stay with the late seventies/early eighties unis. those things they wore in NYC were just ugly.

crimsontider said...

"They actually have a game tonight (vs Edward Waters) so maybe we can catch them worn down." Maybe the saddest statement ever written.

crimsontider said...

I loved our uniforms in the early to mid 2000s with the houndstooth around our neck area. Our uniforms now our way too red. I wish we went back to the older ones.

crimsontider said...


Msmilie said...

I'm interested to see if Grant adjusts the starting line-up in this game. I'm pulling for Coop, but he's been struggling. It might give him a spark if he comes off the bench. I think the best starting five (right now) is Trevor, Retin, Levi (struggling as well, but that could be due to the knee), Nick and Jimmie.

finebammer said...

Msmilie said...

“I’ve known Anthony Grant for a long time,” he said. “I know what the
attendance says, but there’s no way on God’s earth. I know it’s North
Florida, but they should be proud of what he’s done here. They should be
proud of this team. For the 50th best team, playing in the SEC, I
thought it was going to be a much different environment for those guys,
students included. I thought there would be more people here. It was
disappointing.” - North Florida coach Matt Driscoll, commenting on yet another pathetic fan
turnout for a Bama game.

An A-Sun coach calling out our fans for their
lack of support. Friggin' embarrassing. I've said it before, I'll say it
again: If you live in or near T-town, get your asses out to the game
and support your team. Even more embarrassing is the attendance figure they announced (in the neighborhood of 9,000). Not even close to that amount. We've talked about it incessantly, I know. But when the opposing coach says something, Jesus. Something has to be done.

crimsontider said...

I'm sorry, but I will repeat what I have said many times. You can't get mad at the fans for not showing up, until you win some meaningful basketball games.

finebammer said...

two things that have to happen for Driscoll and other Anthony Grant fans:

(1.) Grant has got to transform himself into a salesman for the program. folks can bitch, moan and complain until the cows come home but the fact is as has been said here a number 23 times short of the national debt, this ain't football. Grant i'm sure is a nice guy who has oatmeal for breakfast every morning and takes out the little old lady's trash that lives across the road every week. but he's boring. and people don't buy boring.

(2.) Grant has to develop a product to sell. Grant's teams are a reflection of himself. BORING. Grant was brought in here and sold to us as someone who was going to change the status quo. someone who was ready for prime time. Happy has been the biggest advocate for Grant that i personally believe exists but i believe even he knows deep down neither of those things have happened. Grant has not changed anything. nothing. UAB's coach has beaten UNC who beat Michigan State. in year 2 of his tenure in Birmingham.

in five years, name Grant's signature win.

look back at Mark Gottfried's situation in Tuscaloosa at around this point in his tenure. he was about to be run off before he made that big tournament run in '05. has Grant done anything remotely close to beating #1 seed Stanford and defending national champ Syracuse??? think that's gonna happen this year???

and i'll leave everyone with this question, exactly who the hell is Matt Driscoll??

Anthony Grant has been made a "one percenter" to be there. the fans have to sacrifice their money and time to be there.

if some of us here were as hard on Grant as we are on the fans..........

bobbyjack said...

It is why I have said for a couple years that Grant is not the right fit here. Being that hoops is like the 6th priority at Alabama (behind FB, recruiting, A-Day, AUBsessing about the Barn, and quad tailgating) one of his jobs whether he likes it or not is promoting the program. You see that with the golf and softball ones and look where they are.
I know his name is toxic here, but look at what Bruce Pearl did @ UTK. He was out there promoting the program at every step... FB games, women's hoops, grocery stores, etc. If you are in the SEC and your team is not named Kentucky, Arkansas, or Missouri it is something that needs to be done to attract the fanbase until you start winning consistently (and by winning I mean NCAATs and SEC championships/Tourney wins). Gottfried and Sanderson understood that, Hobbs did not.
Grant's signature win if you ask me was @ UTK in 2011. I'll have to check, but I don't think he has but 2 victories against the top 25.
As far as the game goes last night... we did what was needed. Had to watch it on my S3 to get by the blackout issue and was impressed with ball movement. Jimmie Taylor has exceeded my expectations so far. I wasn't counting on much from him this early. If we can get him and Jacobs involved in the game more and find a consistent 2nd shooter we could be a fringe NCAAT team.

Msmilie said...

Personally, I don't think it's Anthony Grant's job to promote the program as if he's some kind of salesman. He's a basketball coach. His job is to coach basketball. If it's anyone's job to promote a college basketball program, that falls on the university and its athletic department.

And why should anyone have to promote a college basketball program? People may not know what day or time the game takes place, but they know that basketball is played at the university. It takes very little effort to decide to attend a game and, if so, look up the dates and times of the games. Nevertheless, if people need to be coaxed and coerced into attending games because they can't make a simple decision for themselves, that's on the university to increase awareness.

Finebammer: You need to keep up with the blog before you try and call me out yet again for blind loyalty for Anthony Grant. I just wrote a post in the wake of the Drexel loss concerning the state of the program. Grant needs to generate more consistency on the court and fast. However, I'm never going to criticize a coach because they don't go around smooching butt and trying to coax people to attend games. That shouldn't fall on coaches. They've got enough on their plate between media responsibilities, practices, game preparation and recruiting without having to wonder if Jenny and Johnny Roll Tide are going to do their duty as fans and come support the team.

And as far as Bruce Pearl goes: His interest was not so much Tennessee basketball as himself. Just my opinion.

bobbyjack said...

While it shouldn't be his job, the fact that the University is so AUful at doing it (even worse than most other SEC schools) it has to be picked up by him at least partially to do. Other coaches in non-FB sports at Alabama have done that with very good results.
Bottom line is most of the Alabama fanbase are football only fans. Got to CONSTANLY market to them about hoops (and other sports).

crimsontider said...

You could say the same thing about Anthony Grant. His interest is not so much Alabama basketball. It's himself. He is only hear, because we are paying him an absurd amount of money that no one else in the country is dumb enough to pay him.

finebammer said...

you know 'Happy', i didn't realize you were so sensitive.

"Happy has been the biggest advocate for Grant that i personally believe exists"

ok, maybe Grant's mother is bigger but really, what about that statement offends you??

are you now ashamed of your Grant advocacy of the last 5 years?? i would think you'd be loud and proud.

i still remember all those years you had your head up Gottfried butt.

whether you believe a coach should be involved in selling his program or not is irrelevant. If Coach Saban can get out there and do it, and he does, well then our damned basketball coach shouldn't be too good for it. and the fact is, our b'ball program NEEDS it. otherwise we just sit back and watch another program (UAB) pass us by.

crimsontider said...

The scary thing is UAB has already pass├ęd us by.

Msmilie said...

Sensitive. Now that's not a word I've heard many people use when describing me. Then again, you're not the most observant person I've ever come across either.

In fact, you're a really dumb person. I have never stopped being a Grant supporter. However, your idea that I will support Grant blindly in the face of bad losses is as asinine as your false memory that I had my head up Gottfried's butt. Please get a grip.

Msmilie said...

Whatever, guys. I'm through arguing with people like you and Finebammer on this. It's simply not productive.

finebammer said...

enlighten me 'Happy". you didn't answer the question.

"Happy has been the biggest advocate for Grant that i personally believe exists"

what about that statement is wrong???

finebammer said...

and trust me when i tell you 'Happy', you are sensitive. and if no one around you has told you that, it may be an indictment on who your hanging around.

me, i'm the kind of person who, if i see a poor slob walking around with his pants unzipped, i'll say something to him rather than see him running around embarrassing himself.

not admitting your sensitivity it's like me telling you your pants are unzipped, then walking away in denial with your barn door open to the world.

zip it up man.

Msmilie said...

What about that statement is wrong? Well, a personal belief does not make something absolute. Therefore, you're wrong. Now, if you had written, "Happy has been the biggest advocate for Grant on this blog", then I would not have taken issue with your comment. It's all how you write, Finebammer.

I have been his biggest advocate among us. I'm sure there are those who support coach Grant much more than I have. There are those who would not have written a blog post asking this staff to "put up or shut up" in the wake of the Drexel loss. I have not professed blind loyalty to the man contrary to your claims, but within the small confines of those who write, read and comment to this blog, I have been his most vocal supporter. Quite proudly, I might add. And I will continue to support him and hope that he can improve as a coach and the program along with him. And, should the powers that be decide to hire someone else in the near or distant future, I will support them as well. If Grant determines himself that this is a lost cause and rides off into the sunset, I will wish him good luck and gladly support the next coach who takes the reins. That's part of being a fan.

No, I'm not sensitive. I just don't take crap from blowhards such as yourself. Never have, never will. People like you want to piss on someone and then call them sensitive when they take umbrage to being pissed on. As long as they fall in line and allow you to urinate freely upon them, you spare them the rod. When they call you out however for being dumb, rude or downright unlikable, that's when you have to start tossing the reactionary rhetoric so prevalent among your breed of human. You'd make a great fascist, Finebammer.