Friday, December 06, 2013

Know Your Enemy- @ USF Bulls

This is our first true road game of the year and we greet a familiar face in Stan Heath in Tampa, FL. Heath's tenure at USF has been okay, one NCAAT which is good for them (2 wins and round of 32), but more often than not they were fighting for last in the Big East. Now they are in that HORRIBLE AAC that gets even worse next year when Louisville leaves.

USF preview of the game tomorrow night.
Team roster
Season stats

USF is 5-2 beating some crap teams while losing to Oklahoma St and Detroit at home. They did beat Paul Hewitt's George Mason squad on the road if that counts for something.

I have not seen them play so I'm just going to throw stats out there for the MILLIONS of readers here to digest.

- .444 FG
- .276 3pt FG (yikes)
- 12.7 turnovers/game
- 72.1 PPG
- Roughly 6 blocks/game

Victor Rudd and Corey Allen Jr lead the team in scoring at 14.3 and 14.0 PPG. USF does have 4 guys averaging 5 boards a game, yet overall they are being out-rebounded slightly per game (-.6). John Egbunu might cause some issues inside if they decide to use him in the paint.

I'm not going to say we should win this one as we are not world beaters, but note Detroit (4-5) went in there and won. Detroit who has lost 2x to Toledo and got beat @ South Alabama this year.

As DJC said below, game time is 9PM EST (8PM CST) on ESPNU.


crimsontider said...

@AlabamaMBB: With 7:35 remaining, the Tide holding onto a 13-11 lead. Both teams playing good defense as UA shooting only 28% while USF shooting 25%

LOL good defense.

RichTide said...

Bama basketball has become irrelevant. So wanted Grant to be the answer. Sorry apologists, these losses are not a result of poor AD support. While the Administration considers bball an afterthought, Wimp and to some extent, Gottfried, found success with the same constraints. Coliseum has become a graveyard. There won't be anyone at the next home game. This is coaching pure and simple. Or lack thereof. When you fall to teams like Drexel and AAC bottom feeders, it's gameplan, schemes, and lack of motivation. This is Tulane/Mercer from a year ago. The problems aren't getting fixed. Just look at UAB and see what they've done in one year and their phenomenal recruiting class.

Msmilie said...

Another bad loss in non-conference. The way the season is going, the NIT may not even be an option. For those of you who wish to see me eat crow, enjoy it.

crimsontider said...

I'll be blunt, and straight to the point. Anthony Grant needs to be fired, and he needs to be fired now. I think I speak for everyone when I say that CAG is a class act, and represents the university in a fine manner, but he is paid to win basketball games, and while his record is not too shabby, the direction of the program is. We will enter SEC play 6-7 at best this year. Not acceptable. In fact, it's completely disgraceful. Fire Anthony Grant.

Msmilie said...

My two cents on tonight's game: I called the team out for their 1st half against Drexel in which they came out flat and uninspired, which contributed to that loss. That wasn't an issue tonight. The team came out, competed for 40 minutes and played with the sense of urgency I like to see. Unfortunately, they couldn't match up with the size of USF nor take advantage offensively early in both halves when they had the momentum but couldn't put together a run. They also couldn't do it when they went up 44-40 in the 2nd, only to give up a run to USF that essentially clinched the game. Bama had no answers for that freshman big man, Perry, and Anthony Collins did a great job in taking care of the ball. Alabama has committed itself to the full court press, but it really hasn't been that effective this season.

Taylor and Jacobs really struggled against USF's size, particularly in the first half. I thought it took Releford too long to figure out he had to become more aggressive on the offensive end. And the team got absolutely nothing from the bench.

Speaking of the bench, one of the oddest things about the game is that Grant realizes late he needs a shooter in the game so he pulls Hale off the bench for the first time. Hale almost saved the team with two shots, but only one went down. You have to question, if Grant has enough confidence in Hale to bring him in cold to make a shot, where the hell was he earlier in the game when the offense was sputtering? Expect to see Hale get more minutes immediately, probably at the expense of Coop, who unfortunately has been a raging dumpster fire up to this point.

The positives: Retin and Levi played really well. If Releford had gotten involved sooner, maybe the game goes down differently. I thought Engstrom came in and gave some good minutes. The kid is fighting an uphill battle, but he gave a good effort tonight and I'll give him his props.

Bottom line: this team sits at 4-4 right now. Even the most cynical of you probably expected things to be better. At this rate, this team doesn't look like a top half SEC team or an NIT team, let alone a serious NCAA tournament contender. There's a lot of basketball left to play, but once again Alabama has put themselves behind the eight ball, and it's not even Christmas yet. And one has to wonder, after a week off and time to ponder the season to this point, what is the psyche of this team heading into another tough stretch of games?

Should this team go .500 or worse, what does that mean for Anthony Grant? Supporters like me are dwindling fast and the noise by this point has to be reaching the athletic department. With a high buyout and an incoming top 20 recruiting class, is Grant assured one more year regardless of what happens the rest of the way this season? There's a rumor that Nick Saban is about to be given another raise and extension. If that is true, is the university hesitant to fire a basketball coach, hand out a big buyout and conduct another coaching search? It seems unlikely, but if this season continues on its present course, I can't see how there isn't a fair level of pressure on Grant and his staff come season's end.

crimsontider said...

Don't worry it's just "good defense".

finebammer said...

what, nothing from Matt Driscoll???

bobbyjack said...

A few things about this game as it relates to the season:

1) This is a terrible loss, but the great thing about basketball is as bad as this loss is it is not too late to turn it around for this year. I admit that is unicorn dreaming.
2) We got 4 tough games coming up... at worst we need to go 3-1 in them.
3) The SEC seems to suck (yet again) so there will be little help from dominating the conference
4) Anthony Grant is not the right guy for this job. The people that know me know I've said this for about 3 years now, but up until last year kept quiet about it on here. More people are beginning to get this and I fear attendance will drop even more.
5) We are at a crossroads regarding hoops... money says Grant will be back next season, but the fear of dropping to Hobbs' fanfare level scares me. We are teetering IMO.

I don't have faith in our athletic department to fix this given their history regard men's basketball hires/fires/promotion/etc. I've told DJC in the past I know what it feels like to be a Chicago Cubs fan now... and it downright sucks balls.

crimsontider said...

Anthony Grant is David Hobbs 2.0. Hopefully our AD will try, and prevent him from running the program into oblivion like Hobbs did, but knowing their history, I am skeptical.