Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Know Your Enemy- Wichita State Shockers

As DJC alluded to below... this is the 2nd HIGHEST RANKED NON-CONFERENCE TEAM to play at Coleman. I so wish I could make the trip, but at this late juncture probably couldn't find anyone to go to the game with (if I could get the day job cleared early). I hope there is a solid crowd... if not, we REALLY need to revisit having more OOC games in Bham.

Anyways, the Shockers are 10-0 with really no huge wins to note (they beat UTK at home 70-61). They do have 2 true road wins @ Tulsa and St Louis (drilled Tulsa, squeaked by STL).


The Shockers have four averaging 10 PPG or better led by Ron Baker at 14.6. He's a 6'3" guard that looks half surfer dude/half IT geek. regardless he's efficient and we need to keep an eye on him as he's their best 3 point shooter (with more than a handful of attempts). Cleanthony Early leads the team in boards and is 2nd at 14.2 PPG. For a 'big guy' (6'8") his FG% isn't that great (.432). Tekele Cotton and Fred VanVleet drop 11.2 PPG with Cotton 2nd in boards and VanVleet technically being their best 3pt shooter (10-20 for the season).

In 3 of their last 4 games the Shockers have trailed at the half. Also of note is Wichita St isn't overly enamored with the 3 ball as roughly 31% of their shots come from beyond the arc. They average 77.6 PPG while giving up 60.4.

- .458 FG
- .331 3pt FG
- +8 rebound margin (THIS ONE WORRIES ME)
- Only 10 turnovers/game

My keys to the game:
- Get Jacobs involved early in the offense
- Have another shooter emerge tonight beside Releford (Cooper- I'm looking at you)
- Rebound, rebound, REBOUND!

I suspect this game will be in the low 60s which sort of favors us, but note that the Shockers play good D. I'd like to gump and say we SHOCK THE WORLD, but my brain tells me otherwise.

Game is at 9PM EST (8 CST) on ESPNU. If you are in the Bham/Tuscaloosa area try to make it out there to support the team. Tickets are available for as little as $8. See DJC's post below on the link.


bobbyjack said...

Maybe it's just me, but when it's a close game down the stretch I assume we will lose. Played WSU tight for 30 minutes, but in the end they get 3 key offensive rebounds to win it. Damn.

crimsontider said...

What a choke job. It is getting ridiculous. An abomination. Are you listening Bill Battle?

crimsontider said...

In case Matt Driscoll, or anyone else is wondering. This is why nobody shows up to Coleman. One choke job after another. Why show up, when you already know the result?

Msmilie said...

The University is going to give him one more year, NIT or not. He's protected by his contract and the fact that the incoming class is highly thought of. That said, he's got to find a way to finish respectably this season. Right now, 17-18 wins might be the ceiling.

To be honest, I'm about at the point for it to be over. Not because I think Grant is a bad coach, but because I'm exhausted arguing about this. The division between Bama basketball fans right now makes any discussion about the sport incredibly frustrating because it always goes back to Grant. Therefore, people who would probably get along under different circumstances are bickering at one another about the status of the program and Grant's place within it. There's no fun in it.