Saturday, December 21, 2013

Know Your Enemy- Xavier Musketeers

This one will be short and sweet since I'm remote.

Preview from Xavier site
Season stats

Leading scorer: Semaj Christon at 15.5 a game. He was the A-10 rookie of the year last season. Christon is their version of Trevor Releford.
Matt Stainbrook grabs 8.5 boards. He's a 6'10 junior transfer from Western Michigan
Myles Davis is shooting 47.3% from beyond the arc.

Xavier has 7 averaging 20 minutes per game, 10 logging more than 13 minutes. They are also a defensive minded club at 63.5 PPG (score 73.8).

Better than average FG percentage and 3pt shooting... lousy FT with a +5.9 rebound margin.

Upside- this is the first true road game of the year.
Upside 2- haven't played in a week (hope for rust).
Downside- winners of 3 straight

Prediction- I have no idea... whoever gets up by 10 probably wins.

Game time is 7PM EST (6PM CST) on CSS and ESPN3. Tickets are like a buck for kids under 18. I hope we have a decent crowd to support the team. Only students that MIGHT attend are those local to Tuscaloosa.


Murray NA said...

Just posting a few minutes before the game, but I think Bama wins this one.

bobbyjack said...

Time for a change... this game epitomizes the Grant era. Can't win the close ones. It is a team mentality that starts at the top... no confidence anywhere.
And watching us play is like pulling teeth.

Msmilie said...

I hate to say it, but this season appears to be over. This team fights, but they just don't know how to win. The best we can hope for at this point is the team finishes above .500. Another frustrating, disappointing season.

RichTide said...

Can't wait to see how MSmilie spins ths one. Must be poor fan support. I won't share the insights from the Villanova and VCU fans from last year's games or risk being called a pessimist. Needless to say they were not high on Grant's coaching But hey. Huge congrats to Coach Grant for another hard fought loss with great effort. Because great effort is all that matters. Masterful coaching effort to sit Hale for 18 min while Xavier comes back to throw him in cold at the end when you need a 3.

These poor players look like they've been run over a bus. Sorry apologists, these players have given up on the season. Not in effort but in confidence. They don't believe they can win because their don't believe in their coach anymore. Most of the former players all say the same thing. Practice is all about defense and effort. And rigid adherence to the system. For those that want to commend Grant's defensive genius or effort Bama gave up 50+ points in the second half. Off to UCLA to lose - by 20 if the players don't care anymore, by 5 if they still respect their coach.

Living in PA and IL the past 3 years, really wanted Grant to succeed as most of the country sees us as backwoods racists. Now we'll have to suffer through this miserable season and likely another because nthe fan base and e leadership can't stomach firing our first black head coach. Now I know how Miss $tate fans felt wi .

Msmilie said...

And,I also hate to say this, but it appears to be time for a change at the top. I like Coach Grant, I don't think he's a bad coach, and I have fought for him here and other places due to my belief in him. However, the reality is the program is not taking the significant steps it needs to in order to grow as a program. While it might hurt the program short-term in regards to next year's team and the current class that has signed, something needs to be done.

Murray NA said...

All I have to say is, you can't have 6-8 (really 6-6) Nick Jacobs covering their 6-10 post player meanwhile there is a 6-9, 6-10 and 7-1 sitting on the bench watching another game slip away. Yes I know about the foul trouble. This one was poor coaching.

bobbyjack said...

After such a turnaround midway through his 2nd season I thought we were in for good things. By the middle of season 3 I pretty much changed my train of thought on him as even though we made the NCAAT the season was a disappointment.

This program is going sideways... not terrible like Auburn or M$U, but there is no real hope we will be anything more than a bubble team under Grant. Sadly, I think that is good enough this season for the athletic department. I doubt buying out Grant and paying another $2 million for a coach will happen at the end of this season.

It is why I would like to explore the asst coach route from a name school.

Msmilie said...

Where was Shannon Hale in the 2nd half? I've been calling for more minutes for him all year. He's one of the most skilled players on the team and he showed that tonight. I don't get it.

And when you're as offensively challenged as Bama is, you've got to defend. Bama gives up 51 2nd half points tonight! No answers in the post for Philmore and Stainbrook (the absence of a really good post player the last two seasons has been a yoke around this team's neck).

Msmilie said...

If they go in a new direction, I want someone with head coaching experience. Someone who could keep the remaining players around, if necessary. Also, someone who has shown they can win conference championships and consistently make the NCAA tournament. Who that would be? I have no idea. I don't think many of the better coaches in the country see Alabama basketball as a great job.

crimsontider said...

The clown show continues in Tuscaloosa. Where were Taylor and Hale when the game was on the line? Hale was having the game of his life, but i guess he went to fast for Grant's stall ball offense. I'm going to stop attending games, and giving money to this program until they fire Anthony Grant. I hate it, but this is the only way to force a change. Until the university ends this disgrace, I will not show up. I can't support this garbage. I love my school to much. Fire Anthony Grant.

crimsontider said...

This team is the biggest bunch of losers to ever enter Coleman Coliseum. They take after their coach in that they are soft and pathetic. Even in Gottfried, and Hobb's worst years, I never felt this bad about the program, especially in big games. We're not winning any of those. This entire team is one giant laughing stock.