Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bama to play in CBE Hall of Fame Classic next year

We may as well start looking ahead to next season.  According to this Maryland source the Tide, Terrapins, Arizona State, and Iowa State will play a tournament in Kansas City on November 24 and 25.  Right now, we are probably the worst of the 4 teams.  This is a good field, as Hoiberg is doing a great job with the Cyclones, and Maryland is almost always a respectable ACC opponent.  I was kind of hoping for a better location for our pre-conference tournament though.  Nothing against Kansas City, but we were just there a couple of years ago and I can't see taking the week off from work (these games are on Monday-Tuesday) to go back.

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crimsontider said...

Where we will hopefully have a new, energetic coach.