Thursday, January 16, 2014

Halfway through the season stats

Random stuff

- The combined record of the teams that beat us: 98-36 (Drexel, USF, and UGA are bad losses)
- The combined record of the teams that we beat: 71-61 (M$U is the only win of note)

- Trevor Releford leads the team in FG%, assists, FT%, and 3PT% (.525, 2.9, .931, and .411). Normally you have an inside guy leading the team in FG% (technically Big Carl Engstrom does, but with only 24 shots I can't count him).
- Releford is 4th nationally in FT%
- Rodney Cooper leads the team in boards per game (4.5).
- Amazingly we are shooting .462 from the field and .341 from beyond the arc. You take Releford from those stats and they drop to .445 and .303

-Opponents are shooting .744 from the FT line. We need to shore that up in practice. We are respectable at .696.
- All of our losses have been by 10 points or less (Duke beat us by 10)
- 9 players are averaging more than 10 minutes a game
- We are dead even in rebound margin (no rounding up)

-In conference play, Shannon Hale has stepped up dropping 13.7 PPG (2nd on the team). He also leads the team in FG% and 3PT% (in conference play).

That's all for now. If my math is off on total wins/losses, I'll recheck it again and adjust.

Unrelated- thanks to all the views from mother Russia, Israel, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, France, and China. I wasn't aware this blog was viewed in some of those countries. I hope Google translate deciphers my gibberish.

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