Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Justin Coleman Scouting report

Last night I went to watch Justin Coleman and the 3 time 5A defending champion Wenonah Dragons take on the currently 2nd ranked and defending 6A state champion Mountain Brook Spartans.  Mt. Brook won 77-68, they were just too big, had too much depth, and were too well coached for Wenonah to overcome.

Of course, what I was more interested in was the play of Justin Coleman.  Although he did not have his best game; I saw a lot of things that I like.  He sees the floor extremely well, makes great decisions, and is an excellent passer.  He reminds me a bit of Ronald Steele in this area, yes, he is that good.  He communicates very well with his teammates, especially on defense.  He seems to have a great attitude, and really doesn't do anything to draw attention to himself.  The only time I saw him get somewhat upset with his teammates was in the 3rd quarter when he was wide open on the wing with an open passing lane and they never saw him before turning it over.

Mt. Brook goes about 15 deep and they constantly substitute and press throughout the game.  Justin was often able to beat the traps with his quickness alone, but as mentioned above, he could find his open teammates when he had to as well.  One minor nit-pick, he has a high dribble on his hesitation move, that could result in turnovers against quicker athletes at the next level.  I questioned why their coach pulled him out of the game for 3-4 minutes in the 4th quarter.  In fairness, Wenonah has played tough, up-tempo games both Thursday and Saturday, and with their lack of depth fatigue may have been an issue.

Justin has a very quick release and excellent form on his shot, but he was simply off last night.  His first shot was an airball from the corner.  He tried several mid-range pull up Js that missed badly from the elbow.  I noticed he had a finger taped up on his non-shooting hand, and even though it's his off hand that could still effect his shot, in addition to the aforementioned possible fatigue issues.

The only thing that concerns me about him is his defense.  He moves his feet and does a great job of staying in front of his man and communicating with his teammates, but if someone decides to post him up he doesn't have the size or strength to do much about it.


crimsontider said...

I live in the Bham area, and was able to see Coleman play as well. My thoughts: I do see the Steele comparisons, but I was surprised at how small and thin Coleman was. He will need to bulk up. I saw someone who needs to improve a lot, and while he is very good. I'm not sure he is the savior people want him to be. The CAG apologists have made him out as the guy that will bail Grant out next year. I have cautious optimism with this entire recruiting class, while it is highly rated, it is not nearly as highly rated as the 2011 one that was a bust, and it did not consist of a big man which we definitely need. I can't see this class carrying us from an absolute dumpster fire to a sweet 16 caliber team in a one year span. I see our team next year as one that will be squarely on the bubble, and I wan't more than that. Much more.

finebammer said...


crimsontider said...

The only problem is that Anthony Grant was on this list 5 years ago, as was Mark Gottfried before he came to Alabama. Hire somebody proven if you can.