Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Know Your Enemy- Vanderbilt 'Lionel Richie' Commodores

Hopefully this game ends up easy like Sunday morning, but I suspect it will turn out to be a nail-biter all-night long. We need to win this one to keep the all-time series lead (66-65 right now according to Vanderbilt).

Let's start with a Vanderbilt official preview of the game. Here is a cut/paste from the media section of the link:

Media InformationGame 13/Vanderbilt (8-4) vs. Alabama (6-7)Tuscaloosa, Ala. - Coleman Coliseum - 8 p.m. CTRadio:  Vanderbilt Radio Network from IMG College, vucommodores.com
Radio Talent: Joe Fisher (pxp), Tim Thompson (analyst)
TV Talent: Joe Davis (pxp), Dino Gaudio (analyst)
Satellite Radio: XM 199
Live Stats: vucommodores.com
Twitter Updates:  @VandyMBB
Series InformationSeries Record:  Alabama leads all-time series, 66-65.
Last Meeting:  Alabama win, 58-54, on 2/2/13.
Record at Vanderbilt:  VU leads 40-19.
Record at Alabama:  UA leads 43-20.
Record at Neutral Site:  VU leads, 5-4.
Coach Stallings vs. Alabama:  Coach Stallings is 10-7 against Alabama.

Since I don't do this much... a preview from rolltide.com. Note the difference in the all-time series record (we have it at 67-65... and I'm too lazy to look it up to find out who is right).

Vandy hasn't beaten anyone worth a darn, but did play Butler close in Indiana and Texas close in Austin (Texas beat Jekyll and Hyde UNC in Chapel Hill). On Saturday they destroyed Northeastern by 30, leading by 28 at the half so they should be well rested.

Eric McClellan and Rod Odom lead the team at 14.3 and 13.3 a game. Odom has made more 3PTers than almost everyone on his team has attempt (McClellan has 33 attempts to Odom's 32 made). Odom is a 6'9" F that might give us issues inside if Nick Jacobs decides not to show up again. Damian Jones also averages double digits (10.3) in roughly 20 minutes a game. Kyle Fuller runs the offense at the point... dropping 9.3 and 3.8 assists (1.5 assist to turnover).

From the perimeter watch Odom (mentioned already) and Dai-Jon Parker (.452) while inside watching Odom, Jones, and James Siakam on the boards.

Keys to the game:
- ugly the game up and keep it in the low to mid 60s
- keep their big men off the boards
- have another player step up offensively besides Releford 
- More Shannon Hale and Jimmy Taylor

Stone cold truth... unless we pull off a 14-4/15-3 type SEC record all of our conference games are 'practice' for the SEC Tournament thanks to our putrid 6-7 record coming into this one. While we have played the better teams in our schedule close the end result have been losses. While Vanderbilt is not on par with most of the teams we lost to, they have been competitive on the road so far and have a 50/50 shot at winning tonight. This (and every game we play going forward) is a must win for the good guys.


Msmilie said...

Wow. You can count backwards from 5. Color me impressed.

bobbyjack said...

McClellan is out tonight and possibly for the year due to NCAA trouble.

Msmilie said...

Well, for 33 minutes Alabama played its best game of the season. The last 7, not so much. However, they finished the game. Other guys stepped up (Releford only scored 2 pts in the 2nd half). Retin hit a couple of big shots late and Levi also had a big three down the stretch. Hale was pretty good from start to finish, though he made some really critical errors late. But, hey, he's a freshman. An encouraging thing in this game is that everyone who played contributed in some way tonight.

The coaching staff may have found its starting line-up tonight. I thought the group of Trevor, Levi, Retin, Shannon and Carl played well together. Still a lot to improve on, but maybe starting to figure some things out.

crimsontider said...

Once again, the name of the game is our inability to finish. We blow a 16 point lead to the worst Vandy team in years, without their best player, that was starting a freaking walk on. Retin's desperation, luck shot saves Grant's job. This is really disappointing considering how well we played for the vast majority of the game, but this ending gives me no confidence that we can turn our season around. How could anyone possibly believe that we can close out a game against a good team? These guy's still don't have it when it matters most. At the end of the day, a win is a win, but this feels more like a loss.

Msmilie said...

Wow. You are one of the most negative mofos I've ever come across. I bet you bitched and moaned the day you lost your virginity. This team was 6-7 coming into the game. I'll take a win in any fashion right now. They played lights out for 30-32 minutes. Quite frankly, they looked tired down the stretch, but someone other than Releford stepped up and made a play. And Grant made a boneheaded substitution around the 10-12 minute mark in the 2nd, which he admitted was the wrong move in the post-game press conference. The team had a 14-point lead, but Vandy was gaining some momentum. For some reason, Grant made a mass sub bringing in four guys. Next thing you know, Vandy cuts it to nine. I don't know what the hell he was thinking. Regardless, the team found a way to finish. Retin makes a couple of big shots. Nick, for crying out loud, made a big shot. We've been fretting if other guys would step up to help Releford. Some did tonight. It's a good thing. Celebrate the win. .

finebammer said...

Coach Grant:

"On that part, yeah, I'm happy with the win but at the end of the day it's about how our team plays. I felt like there's been games that we've lost when I look at it and I say we're getting better even though we didn't win. Tonight, I felt like in some areas looking at it live, we may have regressed a little bit."


"At the end of the day, a win is a win, but this feels more like a loss."


"WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!" (celebrate)

Coach was Coach. CT was CT. and happy was, well...........happy!

DJC said...

There are a lot of valid things to bitch about concerning the program right now, but this isn't one of them. As an SEC school, contractually Alabama has no choice but to "accommodate" the ESPN family of networks. I hate all the 8pm and 6pm tipoff times too, probably more than you do since I drive from Birmingham for every game, but there's nothing we can do about it. It's an SEC contractual obligation.

Msmilie said...

And you're still a prick. Congratulations.

Msmilie said...

On a serious note: What do you bring to these discussions. I am a hopeless optimist where it concerns Alabama basketball, I admit. CT is a hopeless pessimist, though at least he defends his points. All you do is come here and stir the pot. When you come here and actually have a point of view and something worth a damn to say about THIS team, it'll be a first. All I've heard from you from day one is some variation of "Well, when Wimp was coach..." (he's not the coach anymore, let it go), "I don't really have any ideas how to improve the program or the team, but let me tell you why the university gets it wrong, the coaching staff gets it wrong, the players get it wrong, the cheerleaders get it wrong, the flies buzzing around the roof get it wrong, let me just tell you why everything and everyone is wrong and I'm the smartest man in the room."

I give CT a hard time, but I know his frustration stems from a love and a passion for Bama basketball. I can appreciate his viewpoint, even if I don't agree with it. You could give two shits, Finebammer. You never want things to improve because if they did, what place would you have at the table? You crave chaos and failure simply so you can sit back, cross your arms, smile and say, "I told you so." It's shocking that someone hasn't given you a talk radio show because you would thrive in that cesspool of negativity.

finebammer said...

why don't you be honest, happy.

you hate me because i've been right about this no-coaching chump all along. he proved me right again tues. nite after FIVE yrs. at the helm. a coach with no bench and limited talent doesn't mass substitute like that. and it easily could have cost them the game. on the road, they'd have been blown out.

five years.(and to think mal waited a week on this chump to decide if he wanted the job. god i wish donovan would have taken the orlando job)

and he's gonna get another one. another wasted year. another chance to fuck up a good class. (if he gets them signed) so no, i don't have anything good to say about this situation. reality check, happy: if you don't make the big dance, you suck. and we're not going to, again.

so yeah, when i see you rip into somebody who's opinion is basically the same as the coach's, yeah, i'm gonna fuck with your sunshine pumping ass.

why? because i may be a prick, but that's the only thing you've got right.

Msmilie said...

Blah blah blah. Shut up, you old fool.

Msmilie said...

You know what, I'm going to apologize for that. That was over the line. Here's an idea, Finebammer. You ignore me, I ignore you. Fair enough? Seems like you and I are never going to be on the same page so better we just pretend the other doesn't exist.

DJC said...

If the 3 of us are ever in the same city at the same time, I will buy the first round. Watching you two interact in person would be a great sociological experiment, if not highly entertaining.

Msmilie said...

I don't think we would get much past hello before Finebammer attempted to strangle me. Some people are not meant to share a space in the best interest of personal health and property damage.