Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quick Gators Stats pack

Day job has been rough this week so this is the best I can do...

Season stats
Basketball info for tonight (broadcast). It's on ESPN2 at 7PM EST.

Players to watch:
Casey Prather- dropping 17.3 PPG with a gaudy .636 FG.
Patric Young averaging 10.9PPG and 6.2 boards
Michael Frasier averaging 11.7 and shooting .463 from beyond the arc
Scottie Wilbekin dropping 12.7 and playing roughly 34 minutes a game.

Prediction- Auburn played them close so I say we do as well. In the end we know the story... stay in it til the end and then give up 4 straight offensive rebounds to seal it for the opponent. Gators by 7.


DJC said...

You'll be back. It amazes me that you've been able to make as many mid week games with that awful drive from Mobile anyway. I've been to every game, home and away this year except Oklahoma, but even I'm going to cut back on the road games for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I had considered driving down to auburn next week, but decided against that for a number of reasons. I'll go to Florida, because we already have tickets and plans for that one, but otherwise I'm done with away games this year until the SEC tournament (and unless we make it to Friday, I'm not even going to that).

crimsontider said...

Retin out apparently.

crimsontider said...

Hey Anthony, maybe you should think about moving out of the zone at least once in this game.

crimsontider said...

Grant blows yet another game with his stubbornness to his game plan. Play zone the entire game against the top shooting team in the league, really? Nice job, coach. The last few possessions of the game were stunningly awful even by our putrid standards. Alabama deserves better.

crimsontider said...

"You have to give them credit." "They made the plays" "We played hard" Some things change, CAG's post games remain the same.

bobbyjack said...

Rich... solid points. Let me say I'm a huge Pearl fan for a couple of reasons:
- hiring him would cause a lot of pain in Knoxville. We already got Kiffin and I think Pearl might send many of them to drinking hourly.
- He's a promoter... something we DESPERATELY need. He already coached at a football school and has no issue with it.

I didn't even watch the game... I was flying home so that is my excuse, but even if I were home I would've watched passively as I know how the story ends. Quite frankly I'm tired of it.

I know I have said no changes will be made at the end of the season, but there are rumblings that might change that. Crowd apathy is being noticed. TV apathy while unmeasured (properly) is there too. There are also people not renewing season tickets (see Alias as just one of many examples).

I have a really hard time watching us play... sure we play hard for the most part, but I can play hard and lose just the same. The fact that we have been in the NCAAT ONCE in the past 8 years (barring a miracle SECT run this yr) is laughable.

And for the record, Grant's best team (10-11) was loaded with xCMG players. Yes, I am talking about the NIT Finals team... not the underachieving NCAAT one the year after.

If you go back to the hiring you'll see I was the least enthused about it... I saw Stan Heath more than Frank Martin (who is struggling @ SC Lite, but did a hell of a job @ KState).

DJC said...

Let's take a look at the other teams we played in those NIT finals. Wichita State, undefeated, top 5 team, Colorado: 15-5, made NCAA tournament last 2 years under Tad Boyle. They have progressed like we expected to.

Saban Loves Gators said...

Rolled Tide !!!!!!
Gator Nation Rules !!!!!!