Wednesday, January 15, 2014

(Quick) Know Your Enemy- M$U Bulldog$

Got a lot of things going on and didn't have much time to research. Somehow we are a 12 point favorite. I don't see it and if i were a betting man I'd throw $100 on $tate +12.

M$U preview

$tate is 11-4 (1-1 in the SEC). They did lead @ Kentucky at the half only to get throttled in the 2nd half to lose by 22.

Common opponent- USF. They beat the Bulls while we lost to them.

Craig Sword leads the team with 14.7 PPG. He's shooting 53% from the field.
Gavin Ware is 2nd in scoring and leads with 9 boards a game.
Colin Borchert is their 'best' 3pt shooter (with more than 25 attempts) at 31%

$tate as a team is shooting 29% from 3. That's HORRIBLE!


Despite the records (11-4 at 7-8), I believe we are the better team since $tate has played a cupcake schedule. We probably win, but I doubt it's by more than 8. Maybe the team will be fahred up to play their hated rival.

Game time is 8PM EST (7PM CST) on SEC-TV and


crimsontider said...

Solid win, always good to beat the hell out of those guys, no matter how much they suck. I loved the swag Relly played with. His Tech did not bother me as much as it did some people. I thought it gave the team a spark, and they responded. We should play as loose as we did tonight in every game for the rest of the season.

Msmilie said...

Good win tonight. State is not the cream of the crop in the league, but it was nice to see the team play with energy, knock down some shots and have some fun.

It probably won't happen, and there are 15 games left to play, but Trevor Releford should be a serious contender for SEC Player of the Year. I have yet to see a player in this league that means more to their team than Releford.

Things become considerably tougher form this point forward. The next three games will be a challenge. Missouri is always tough at home, Florida is Florida, and LSU's size is going to be very difficult for Bama to match up with. Hoping for the best.

finebammer said...

well, i for one, am proud for the fans who showed up for the game. anybody who shows up for this team on a week night is an authentic fan. and it's been on a rare occasion in the past years an alabama basketball fan has showed up for a home game and witness their team do what they were supposed to do.

trevor releford SEC player if the year??? unfortunately for trevor, (and happy) the SECPotY will likely play on a team that at the end of the season will have actually won something. (other than ONE home game against a questionable opponent)

let's see trevor put this team on his shoulders and win some road games. put together a run and win the SEC tourney. get them in the dance and win something there. that will be a performance deserving of that kind of accolade. a lot has changed in our country in the past few years but last i checked, SECPotY awards aren't handed out for showing up at a home game. you've got to win something bigger.


bobbyjack said...

It's a good thing I don't gamble. Nice to see the players enjoying themselves for once. When Dakota sank the 3 (nothing but net BTW) the bench exploded.

Msmilie said...

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope won it last year and Georgia was hardly the stuff of legend. Criticize the team and Grant all you want, Finebammer, but Trevor has been outstanding and consistent all season. As rough as this season has been, imagine if Trevor wasn't there. As I said, it probably won't happen.

And stop calling me happy.

crimsontider said...

I love Releford, and understand that we might be one of the worst teams in SEC history without him. I appreciate the great things he has done for the program, but it is fair to question if he is a big game player. Right now fair, or unfair the rest of the conference see's Relly as a player that puts up good stats on a terrible team. If he want's to challenge someone like Julius Randle for SEC POTY, he will need to come up big in these next few weeks, and carry the team to a victory over a marquee opponent. He will certainly have his opportunities with Mizzou, and Florida coming up.

Msmilie said...

"Right now fair, or unfair the rest of the conference see's Relly as a player that puts up good stats on a terrible team"

Couldn't that description have been used for KCP last season? KCP was recognized for his overall play, despite his team's struggles. Releford has been the same type of player. The only really poor game he had was against Duke. Otherwise, he's been as steady as any player you want to name in the conference. Julius Randle is a dynamite player, top 5 pick, etc. But he's also surrounded by another 4-5 draft picks. No player on this Bama team, including Trevor, is a lock to play at the next level.

As I wrote, there are still 15 games to go in the regular season and I realize it's a long shot for Trevor to be recognized as the POY because of the team struggles. However, I don't think a team's fortunes or misfortunes should determine the worth of a player. Johnny Manziel probably wins the Heisman again this year if his defense had not been so terrible. Instead, his team lost four games and, as punishment, he's 5th in the voting. Seriously, was any one player as good as Manziel this season?

If Releford continues at the rate he has, with little or no help, he deserves serious consideration. You guys do realize that if you support Trevor for POY, that doesn't mean you're giving an endorsement to Grant, right?

crimsontider said...

I do support Trevor, I hope he wins every award he is up for, I just don't think his reputation outside of our fan base is nearly as strong as it is within. Teams do win games, but our record against quality teams since he has been the starting PG is pretty bad. Imagine if the QB of the Alabama football team had that kind of winning percentage against top teams. I think he could use a win, and a big performance against a Florida, or a Missouri, or a Kentucky to cement, not only his POTY candidacy, but his legacy as an Alabama great. Again, that's not an indictment on Trevor, but more on the way fans, and media think. The next few weeks will determine Trevor's candidacy, and (potentially) his legacy. That is the the great thing about college basketball, nothing has been decided yet.