Friday, January 31, 2014

Still mad about the Barn blowout- some stats

Credit QUARTERBACK on 1/18 from (he posted it). I knew things were not good, but this made me ill:

Note- I did not go back to update this copy/paste since 1/18, but feel free to do so yourself.

6-31 vs RPI Top 50 (at Bama) (0-5 this year, 0-6 last year)
21-15 vs RPI 51-100
35-13 vs RPI 101-200
29-1 vs RPI 201+
91-60 overall
27-46 vs T100 teams. Throw out the extreme trash (201+) and he is 62-59.

Further breakdown on the T50:
3-18 vs T25
**3-13 vs 26-50
3-15 vs T20
1-11 vs T50 on the road (@UT in ’10-’11 is only win)
18 straight T50 losses including 10 straight T20

I'll double check this later, but I think we have been ranked in ANY top 25 poll a total 5 weeks (preseason #19 in 2011 and 4 weeks after) in Grant's tenure. Dropped out for good week of December 19th. Think about that... it's been over 2 years since we have been ranked.

SEC record by years:
2009-10: 6-10
2010-11: 12-4
2011-12: 9-7
2012-13: 12-6
2013-14: 3-4

That actually looks good and I'm throwing out 2009-10 so the conference record looks even better on paper (36-21). Then you dig a bit deeper...

- 2010/11 wins vs teams better than .500 conference record (3-3). If you add UTK (8-8) then we are 4-3.
- 2011/12 wins vs teams better than .500 conference record (1-3). Add .500 teams Ole Miss and M$U we get to 3-5.
- 2012/13 wins vs teams better than .500 conference record (4-5). Add .500 teams LSU and UGA we are 7-6.

Long story short... we normally beat teams we are supposed to beat, but rarely win the ones we shouldn't. This is unacceptable IMO.

/rant off


crimsontider said...

@SBTerry247: "Mike Dubose> Anthony Grant" Funny. Also, true.

crimsontider said...

Don't worry, BJ, we have three freshman coming in next year, and they will fix everything, and take Alabama to the sweet 16.

Msmilie said...

CT: Have you ever been punched in the face? If not, I advise you to let someone do it immediately. Everyone is pissed off enough. We don't want to read your smarmy ass comments.

crimsontider said...

Not sure about the face, but I feel like I have been punched in the gut every time I watch this team play.

disqus_5qsZl3wa0v said...

Happy is a hardass it seems

disqus_5qsZl3wa0v said...

What may be worst of all is that this is a veteran team of guys that have been with Grant 3 and 4 years that are performing this badly. It's not like this is his 1st year with Gottfried players, these are strictly his guys. It really shows the harrowing fact that they aren't being developed and getting better for the most part.

disqus_5qsZl3wa0v said...

As for the poster talking about Ben Howland below, YES. Howland would love to be in a somewhat low pressure job where people are content just by making the tournament and even happier making the sweet 16 every once in a while. He didn't have that luxury at UCLA and was ultimately run out of town. Howland has experienced an extreme amount of success with 3 final fours. He has good connections to the AAU programs in Georgia so he could get a lot of their good talent to come to Bama and then he can coach them up. We have the money to pay him and our practice facility is nice enough for a guy of his caliber. It'd be a homerun hire, and I think it could be a legitimate possibility for Battle if he were to make a move at the end of the season, which I hope he does.

disqus_5qsZl3wa0v said...

One last thing: It disgusts me to see our basketball players today on campus acting happy and screwing around like nothing happened yesterday. Hell, I'm still in a bad mood from the game. It's like these guys don't give a shit

citadeltidefan said...

I just hope that Bill Battle goes after him if he fires Grant. I think going after a successful mid-major coach (which is what I'm afraid he would do) would just take us to a similar disaster to what we're in now with Grant. I don't think most fans realize how good of a coach Howland is. UCLA while a great job is not at the same level (as far as fan support, facilities and media coverage) as the other blue bloods like UK, UNC, Kansas, Duke and Indiana. He took UCLA to more final fours than any post-Wooden coach. I think hes the best possible hire we could get and a fantastic one at that like you said. The fact that he can recruit Georgia well would be great for us as its been probably our second most recruited state the last 10 years or so. If Alabama landed him it would be the most excited I've been about the future of our basketball program since 2006.

Msmilie said...

Now that was funny.

Msmilie said...

Oh yeah! I'm from the mean streets of Montgomery! Don't you mess with me!