Wednesday, February 05, 2014

An Armchair Quarterback's Dream

(Side Note: I have been forced to divert my focus away from Alabama Basketball for the next few years, as I have a relative playing Ivy League football, so a decent amount of my free time and resources are geared in that direction. It turns out that this season has been a good one to be partially distracted from, so at least I'm not suffering as much as my other Brethren on this board. With that in mind, on with my post....)

This came across my Ivy League feed the other day, and I thought....There is no way this would ever work for Alabama during a season like this!

In a nutshell, there is an auction for the opportunity for two fans to serve as Assistant Coaches For a Day at Yale's basketball game against Princeton on Feb. 15.

Could you imagine the dynamic duo of Finebammer and MSmilie teaming up on the court trying not to gouge each other's eyeballs out?
Could you imagine DJC getting tossed by being that much closer to Ted Valentine?

The possibilities are endless!

Back to my hole I go...

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