Friday, February 28, 2014

Know Your Enemy- Auburn War Eagles

Changing it up as this is a dreadful matchup between two bad teams that means nothing in the scope of the SEC... here's a Barner article on 'if they win, the people will come.'

Auburn is 13-13... we are 11-16. Both of us are 5-10 in conference and sitting in the 11th position (only M$U and SC Lite are worse). Neither team has an inside game. Auburn is on a one game winning streak. We are on a one game losing streak. If we weren't fans no one would know we play tomorrow.

Auburn does have a road win (@ SC Lite) so they got a shot. Saying that, 4 of their 5 wins in conference have come against teams in the 11-14 range (they did beat UGA).

Season stats
- +1.8 scoring margin
- 44.8% FG and 31.2% 3pt FG
- -.6 rebound margin
- Only lost 1 SEC game by more than 12 points (@ Arkansas)

Chris Denson and KT Harrell score roughly half of the Barn's PPG. Both also pull down 4 boards a game. Keep both of them in check and we win... allow both to score their average and we in trouble. Tatum should have his way inside if Auburn wants to try. I doubt they do.

Prediction- I imagine it being close throughout with Releford saving us in the last 2 minutes as we win by 4.

Game is on ESPNU at 3PM EST (2PM CST). I'm going to miss all of it due to baseball games... that might be a blessing.


crimsontider said...

The sad thing is, when he's not trying to generate page views, he actually provides very good insight and analysis. Unfortunately, he decides spend's most of his time trying to emulate Paul Finebaum, for the sake of stirring the pot. Notice how in every one of his articles, he mentions Saban, even the ones that have absolutely nothing to do with him, or UA.

Murray NA said...

I'm praying we don't play man to man defense tomorrow. It's ok for a change of pace. Taylor and Engstrom have a long history of foul trouble in man defense. But just as important, man to man defense requires more energy.

The 2 losses since Jacobs "leave instead of absents" we played man defense and lost both games. The players in both games were worn out with about 10 minutes to go. Anyway, my 2 cents says with 8 players you can't play man to man defense and full court press and expect to win. I wouldn't be surprised to see aubarn press a little to wear us down (like ole miss did). Thanks

Msmilie said...

After the way Denson and Harrell drove the ball at will in the last game, I expect (hope) Bama will play more zone tomorrow. Denson and Harrell aren't bad shooters, but they will absolutely kill you off the dribble as Bama found out. I think Bama has to take a chance and play zone against those guys. If Auburn knocks down shots, so be it. But Bama has to protect the big men and playing zone will do that. The key will be on the boards. If Bama goes zone, they have to limit second chance opportunities. That really hurt them on Wednesday.

I also hope Releford is okay to go. He looked like the season had caught up with him on Wednesday. He finished strong, but he looked exhausted all game.

This is actually a big game tomorrow for the coaching staff. All signs appear to be pointing towards a sixth year for Grant and co. but being swept by Auburn would be really bad in what has already been a tough season.

Msmilie said...

May have been best overall performance of the season. They got a little sloppy in the 2nd half, but they were great on defense. Loved Jimmie's play in the 2nd half. It definitely affected the Auburn ball handlers.

Very happy for Levi. He's shown in recent weeks why he was such a highly regarded recruit coming out of high school. If he can just put it together for a full year next season. I thought a lot of guys played well. Coop rebounded well, Retin had his best game in quite a while, Hale was quiet but effective. Just a good all-around game. It doesn't make the tough season go away, but it's nice to see our guys are still playing hard and working to improve.

If Coleman isn't packed next Saturday for Trevor's senior day, I will be extremely disappointed.

bobbyjack said...

Nice win today. good to see Randolph getting comfortable with his shot (from reading the statsheet). Next up, we get an angry UK squad on ESPN. Let's see if we can make them angrier.

crimsontider said...

Something in his shot has changed. Can't quite pin point it, but there is a noticeable difference in how he is shooting the ball.

finebammer said...

yep, considering the talent on the floor, the most pathetic effort i have ever seen out of UK today. mccauley-stein played like a damned goon. it was as if all they knew to do was try and drive the lane and get fouled.

Alex said...


crimsontider said...

Honestly, I think it's more than that. His overall shot has just improved, we'll see if it lasts.

GEE said...

this is what that bird looked like when we got finish with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJC said...

The form on his jump shot has been much improved all season over last year...He's just not hesitating right now. When he shoots in rhythm, without thinking about it, he's a decent shooter.