Friday, February 21, 2014

Know Your Enemy- Mizzou Tigers

I watched the aTm game on my cell phone, and didn't really pay that close attention to it in the second half.  Hopefully MSmilie will give us a first hand account.

Mizzou comes in with a 19-7 record, riding a 3 game winning streak, all at home against Arkansas, Tennessee, and most recently a 67-64 win over Vandy Wednesday night.  They are currently 7-6 in the SEC, and fighting to hold on to that coveted 4th seed and double bye for the tournament.  They have road wins at NC State, auburn, and Arkansas.

They beat us by 21 last time we played them in Columbia.  Here is a cut and paste from Bobbyjack's preview of that game. I'm too lazy to update the stats, but I assume these numbers are still fairly close:

Jordan Clarkson and Jabari Brown lead the offense at 18.8 and 18.4 PPG. Clarkson also leads in assists. Brown is their best 3pt shooter (.422)

On the boards Earnest Ross and Johnathan Williams pull 6.5 and 7.0 a game. Ross also drops 14 per (you might remember him from his cup of coffee at Auburn).

Offensively they score 75 a game while giving up only 66.4. They don't force a lot of turnovers (roughly 10 a game), but don't turn the ball over much either.

Season stats

Here is a link to my recap of the previous meeting: Misery in Missouri

I thought we were exposed a bit in that game, we still haven't found an answer for teams that double up on Releford.

Keys to the game:

-Shannon Hale plus one more (Levi, Coop, Retin?) needs to step up and help Relly with scoring.
-Limit 2nd chance opportunities
-Get to the line and make free throws
-Force some turnovers and get into transition.

Prediction:  From the body language of the coaches and players in the final minutes of the aTm game that I saw on TV, it appears to me that this team is done.  Mizzou 68 Bama 56.  The game tips off at 7pm CST on ESPN2.


Murray NA said...

Yes, I think the assistant coaches know it's over. I feel bad for them. Maybe Grant can share some of the millions of dollars he has made to help cover expenses.

Have you ever seen so many offensive charges before. We just plow into the middle defense with no idea what to do with the basketball. But what can you do, there are 4 guards who can't make a jump shot. The same 4 that have digressed from the start of the season. Which creates this problem:

Points per game overall ranking 262nd in the nation
Assists per game 298th in the nation
Field goal percentage 199th in the nation

Add insult to injury

On defense:

Points allowed 109th in the nation
Rebounds per game 253rd in the nation

source ESPN

Let's try fewer parties and more practice shooting a simple jump shot.

GEE said...

GEE said...

Alex said...

WHAT was that that engstrom just threw up? lord please tell me someone else saw that

Alex said...

On a positive note Randolph is playing with alot of confidence

Alex said...

I've got to say it felt good to see Randolph with a big smile on his face because he always has been an effort guy but he at times is so frustrating to watch when he passes up open looks. I am really happy for the guy.