Monday, March 10, 2014

SEC tournament predictions

If you want to go to the tournament Thursday, don't have tickets, and not comfortable dealing with scalpers check for tickets (I was not paid to put this link up... you can use other sites as well). The link should take you to the Thursday night session. If we make it to Friday I'll link that in the next preview (after I buy said tickets I need).

Here is a link to the SEC tournament bracket and here are my predictions:

- South Carolina over Auburn (and Barbee's days at the Barn are over)
- Vanderbilt over M$U
(anyone that paid for a ticket to Wednesday's session should get free alcohol for the day)

- Missouri over aTm
- Arkansas over South Carolina
- Alabama over LSU
- Ole Miss over Vanderbilt

-  Missouri over Florida
- Arkansas over Tennessee
- Alabama over Kentucky
- Ole Miss over UGA

- Arkansas over Missouri
- Alabama over Ole Miss

- Alabama over Arkansas (going full on homer here)

Puff, puff, pass. Heh.

If I play the realist I see us exiting Friday with Kentucky winning the SECT. I stand by the other predictions as I think the Gators would rather have the extra rest.


DJC said...

I'm going auburn over South Carolina, Vandy over $tate,

Mizzou over aTm
Arkansas over auburn
LSU over Bama
Vandy over Ole Miss

Florida over Mizzou
Tennessee over Arkansas
LSU over Kentucky
Georgia over Vandy

Tennessee over Florida
LSU over Georgia

LSU upsets Tennessee in the championship game.

Or we could knock LSU out in the first game, but I think they've got a pretty good draw as far as matchups go. I worry about our inside game against them, plus I suspect they will press us more as we had trouble against it in the second half of our first game with them. Our part of the bracket is definitely the trickiest.

bobbyjack said...

I agree... our part of the bracket is tricky. Any one of 5 teams in the lower half could make it to Sunday.

I think I'm going to make it to the Thursday session since it's at night. I figure tix should be $5 or below outside.

Msmilie said...

Auburn over South Carolina - Tough game to pick. Denson and Harrell may be the difference.

Vandy over Mississippi State - Vandy has been competitive all year (great job by Stallings), whereas State hasn't.

Mizzou over A&M - It won't surprise me if A&M wins this game. Mizzou is more talented, but they also look done. They didn't show up for what was a crucial game in Knoxville. Still, I'm a sucker for talent, and Mizzou is a little bit more talented.

Arkansas over Auburn - Despite what we saw on Saturday, Arkansas was playing as well as anybody outside of Florida coming into the Bama game. I don't think they expected what they got from Alabama in what was a very emotional game. I think they bounce back in Atlanta.

Alabama over LSU - My gut tells me to go with LSU because of the match-up (I think they could go on a run on this side of the bracket), but my heart tells me to go with Bama. Our guys are playing with a lot of confidence right now.

Vanderbilt over Ole Miss - Ole Miss beat Vandy twice, but both games were close. It's tough to beat a team three times in one season. The way the bracket worked out, that 11 seed isn't so bad.

Florida over Mizzou - The Gators probably have a 1 seed locked in so it will be interesting to see how they approach this tournament. Despite their 18-0 record, they had more than a few close games throughout the conference season.

Arkansas over Tennessee - This will be a huge game if it happens. It could serve as an elimination game for the tournament. Hard game to pick, but I'm going to go with Arkansas because of Tennessee's inconsistent point guard play against that Arkansas pressure. Will be a high stakes game, that's for sure.

Kentucky over Bama - I think our guys will give them hell, but the match-up against their size (and assuming Bama can overcome LSU's size in the second round) really worries me.

Georgia over Vanderbilt - Mark Fox would get my vote for Coach of the Year. They weren't expected to do anything, got off to a rough start in non-conference, but regrouped and have had a nice season. Don't have the resume to make the NCAA Tournament without winning the conference tournament, but I seriously doubt most of their fans expected to even sniff the NIT this season.

Florida over Arkansas - This will be a heck of a game if it happens.

Kentucky over Georgia - A lot of people are down on UK, but this is still a team that I think is capable of making the second weekend in the tournament. Again, I'm a sucker for talent and Kentucky has plenty.

Kentucky over Florida - My gut tells me Florida won't be touched in this tournament, but I have this illness in March where I ignore match-ups and facts and try to pick upsets. This is why my brackets usually resemble confetti by the end of the first weekend. But I can't help myself. Florida losing in this tournament after an 18-0 conference season would qualify as an upset.

DJC said...

I can't make it Thursday, but will be coming over Friday if we win. I already bought tickets for Friday's session (figure I can sell them to UK fans without any problems if we lose). They have single session tickets available now straight from the SEC/ticketmaster.

crimsontider said...

The entire tournament, outside of Florida is a complete crapshoot. You never know what you are getting on a nightly basis from the other 13 teams which makes this tournament impossible to predict. And, if UF takes the week off, this could set up perfectly for a 2008 UGA type team to win it.

Alex said...

I think Florida gets through even if they choose to rest a few players who may be banged up. They cruised through the SEC so easily and really we played them as close as anyone did. Honestly, it's going to be really hard for us to make it past that first game against LSU. They are underachievers for sure but scouts seem to think there are 3 NBA players on that team. A run through the tournament would be amazing though, Auburn seems to pull off the underdog role every couple of years in football so why not us in basketball?

crimsontider said...

Who does the Barn get? $tan$bury? Pearl? Tubby? Another mid major coach?

Alex said...

I hope they don't get Pearl, plenty of people on this blog hate him but he would get that program in the top 4 of the SEC in 2 years.

bobbyjack said...

Pearl is not going to the Barn. He has higher aspirations than that hellhole job. I suspect he'll wait until after the coaching carousel is in full bloom (during Final Four weekend).
And to pass off some info I was given (and I rarely do that here)... Grant will be back next year. Take that however you want to...