Thursday, March 13, 2014

SEC Tournament- vs LSU thread

No sense in doing a 'Know Your Enemy' since I already covered them this season... I'll update stats and give an updated preview.

LSU preview
Season stats
Previous 'Know Your Enemy' post

Some positives about this match up:
- LSU usually runs 7 out there... being that we only have 8 we trust we shouldn't expect to be pressed much.
- LSU has limped into the SECT going 5-6 since February 1st with no 2 game winning streak
- Jimmy Taylor has been playing much better and I think he's up to task to somewhat keep the LSU's bigs in check if Big Carl can help out with O' Bryant, Mickey, and Martin .
- In the previous match up in Tuscaloosa we had balanced scoring from Releford, Hale, Cooper, and Randolph. I think we get that again plus some quality minutes from Taylor.

Keys to the game:
- Make the LSU guards beat us.
- Uptempo the game (goes against the philosophy of this year's team, but IMO the best approach today)
- Don't get beat too badly on the boards
- Get Randolph and Cooper active on the offensive end

As you saw in my prediction post earlier I picked us to win. Nothing has changed in my mind. I actually think we win comfortably. Maybe it's the Sudafed kicking in again.


Msmilie said...

South Carolina is wrecking the bracket. Just beat Arkansas. Great for Carolina, horrible for the SEC. Looking like three teams only for the NCAA barring a surprise tournament winner. Ah, but who cares, spring football is just around the corner (grumble, grumble, grumble).

finebammer said...

"As you saw in my prediction post earlier I picked us to win. Nothing has changed in my mind. I actually think we win comfortably. Maybe it's the Sudafed kicking in again."

let me get a hit of that. after this game, i could use a little escape.

reality check: now that arky is one-and-done, we now know that big "turnaround" win in tuscaloosa was a mirage. the piggies peaked at rupp and crashed somewhere over tupelo, limping in to Coleman. even the normally level-headed bobbyjack bought in and watched Grant crash again.

but worry not Grant apologists. he's going nowhere. he'll get that year he so "deserves" according to C. M. and happy. another couple mill down the

well, maybe we'll get lucky and Auburn will hire Pearl. he'd be a perfect fit there.

for me, i think i'll have to chase this sudafed with a little sumpn sumpn

crimsontider said...

We just were outplayed, out coached, out hustled, out everything. The person who I feel for the most is Trevor Releford. That shot of Trevor breaking down on the bench was absolutely heartbreaking. He deserved so much better. Salute to one of the greatest players in program history.

Now, it is decision time for Bill Battle. Will Bill Battle delay the inevitable at the program's expense? Or, will he grow a pair, and do what's best for the program. What is the Battle plan? We are about to find out. You can make your opinion to Coach Battle known, and tell him your opinion at Come on Bama fans, show CBB and the administration that we won't tolerate this anymore. DEMAND BETTER!!!!

crimsontider said...

"Well, maybe we'll get lucky and Auburn will hire Pearl" You don't really believe that. Pearl would kick Grant's ass twice next year, and completely own this state for the next level.

bobbyjack said...

Heh. like I said... maybe I hit the medicine bottle a bit too much recently. I missed the game as I watched my kid's baseball team get slaughtered... which from what I understand was far more entertaining than the game tonight.

I was being serious though... I really didn't think LSU was going to win tonight.

I'll let DJC write up a post game (if he feels the need to) and then I;ll throw up a long winded post about where we are as a program.

Msmilie said...

Yeah, let's completely blow up next year's team over one bad season. Wow.

Battle needs to do the smart thing and maintain stability instead of caving in to fans suffering from knee jerk reactions. 17, 25, 21 and 23 wins prior to this season. This isn't Tony Barbee finishing near the bottom for four straight years. Taken as a whole, this season was an anomaly in the career of Anthony Grant. A painful anomaly, no doubt, but an anomaly all the same. Do the right thing, Bill, and give this man another year.


crimsontider said...

Grant's overall tenure is completely unimpressive. Worse than David hobbs statistically. This was not an anomaly. I'm sorry, but the program has been trending downward for a long time. The Lacey transfer, as well as the overall attrition were signs. So was the steep decline in years three to five. Five years is a fair evaluation period. It's not a timing thing. Five years is plenty of time, and after five years the program is worse than the one he inherited. The environment is simply too toxic for him to recruit. Bringing him back next season will result in the continued steep regression of the program.


Msmilie said...

"Bringing him back next season will result in the continued steep regression of the program."

What would you like to wager?

Msmilie said...

No need to wager. Your silence next season will be fine enough with me.

crimsontider said...

If he comes back, I will root for him to prove me wrong. However, it will take sustained success, not just one good year for Grant to live up to the hype and money he got 5 years ago.

Msmilie said...

You know what, I agree with you. Not only must he win next season, but next season must signal the start of a new level of consistency. You may not believe me, but I do expect Grant to take the next step. While I will trumpet the good things he has accomplished, I do realize that there is a higher level to ascend towards. I just think my expectations in how that process unfolds is different than others here.

GEE said...

let see that and average of 19 lost a season