Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cuonzo Martin to leave UTK for Cal job?

I guess all of the rehire Bruce Pearl talks got tiresome. Is Anthony Grant a candidate now?



crimsontider said...

"Is Anthony Grant a candidate now?" No, but Archie Miller is. If he were to leave Dayton for UT, Grant would definitely be a candidate for that job.

finebammer said...


''It's a beautiful place. I got off the plane and I just said, 'Ahhh,''' Martin said during his introductory news conference in Berkeley."

looks like UT could be a victim of 'climate change'.

bobbyjack said...

We can dream right? Next season is going to be a cluster... and I bet unless we have another losing season Grant will be back for year 7.

crimsontider said...

"Unless we have another losing season, Grant will be back for year 7." Hmm.. what makes you say that?

Alex said...

I think if he doesn't make the tournament next year he is gone. The fans won't settle for the NIT again.

Msmilie said...

UT fans treated Martin like shit for three seasons and now wonder why he left. Won't surprise me if Grant does something similar should he have a breakthrough season in 14-15. Fans have become maniacs, and there's no satisfying them so the only thing to do if you're a coach is forgo stability and try and stay ahead of the curve. Cuonzo was looking at some rebuilding in Knoxville next season so the fans would have gone from slapping his back to calling for his head again by January. Smart move on his part. Hope it works out for him.

crimsontider said...


Missouri Fans Rejoice!

bobbyjack said...

Is Grant a candidate @ Tulsa?
And I believe the AD is okay with mediocrity as long as the hoops team doesn't hurt the FB one. The Battle Plan pretty much validated that.

crimsontider said...

The fans wanted him gone this year. I hate to say it, but unless BOT members and big name boosters start demanding better, it does not matter what fans like us think.

Alex said...

He would not have been retained if not for the large buyout. I will be absolutely shocked if we go .500 next year and keep him.

Msmilie said...

Speaking as a Grant fan, I don't think he will be retained next year unless the program returns to the NCAA tournament. He has the support of the right people at the university, but there has to be a corner turned at some point. Fortunately, I think he'll have a team capable of turning that corner. If they do, it will be interesting to see what Grant's next move will be. Does he stick it out or look for greener pastures? It has always seemed to me that Grant has had his detractors from day one and nothing he accomplishes in Tuscaloosa may ever be enough for some people. Frank Haith, whom I don't consider half the coach Grant is, had a similar moment today and bolted Mizzou for Tulsa rather than go through a rebuilding job and provide more ammunition to his detractors.

CT: It's not that those in decision making positions don't care what the fans think, it's that they're in a better position to make these decisions than fans are. Fans speak from a position of ignorance and emotion, not knowledge.

finebammer said...

"It has always seemed to me that Grant has had his detractors from day one and nothing he accomplishes in Tuscaloosa may ever be enough for some people."

well, did you ever consider that making us wait while we saw if the job we really wanted (florida) would be vacated??? throw on top of that the personality of a potato and it gives one the feel he never really wanted to be here.

but that not withstanding, grant gets Alabama in the Final Four next season, it shuts everybody up, including me. so trust me happy, i'm nothing more than a proud Alabama basketball fan that wants the best for the PROGRAM. nothing more nefarious than that. (i know that disappoints you)

"Speaking as a Grant fan........"

"Fans speak from a position of ignorance and emotion, not knowledge."

hear, hear.

Msmilie said...

Why do you consistently bring up the Florida gig? It was the right move to wait and see if that job opened up. It was a better job and, being an assistant there, he already had some ties to the program. How many of these coaches ever truly want to be where they are? As you and others have pointed out to me so many times, this is a business. If you truly believe that, how can you continue to hold that over his head?

I know you're a fan, I've never thought otherwise. My problem with you is your obvious delight in being a shit stirrer. There's enough shit being stirred in the world right now. Why contribute to that madness?

finebammer said...

"Why do you consistently bring up the Florida gig?"

because there are those who consistently imply that there's some other reason for my dissatisfaction with anthony grant.

"it was the right move to wait and see......"

the right move, yeah, maybe for grant. but had i been in Mal's shoes, the second i realized he's got me cooling my heels to wait out another situation, i'd have told him good luck. that's business.

i guess i just look at things differently. i think the alabama job, whether it be basketball OR football is bigger than any coach. i think we're lucky to have Coach Saban. by the same token, i think he's lucky to have Alabama. i think he can do things here he couldn't do somewhere else.

the same is true of grant. he's lucky to have the alabama job. had he gone to florida and performed like he has the last five years here, he'd be unemployed.


because they expect more. there are florida fans grumbling now.


because they expected to win it all.

and in the end, it's all about expectations. i expect more of alabama basketball than most. i'll guarantee you i expect more than bill fucking battle. guaranteed.

and to your assertion that those in power are somehow smarter than me: football and basketball coaches hired since Coach Bryant died:

Ray Perkins. never had a better job than Alabama. left for Tampa Bay and his career spiraled downward and eventually crashed)

Bill Curry. (had Bobby Bowden at the Sheraton on 280. was asked by Walter Lewis if he was hired by Alabama how he would treat his black players. Bowden walked out, went home, signed a lifetime contract w/ FSU then finished in the top 5 for THE NEXT 15 consecutive years and won 2 national titles. we hire Curry)(ironically one of the natties was won w/ Charlie Ward at QB)(he's black)

David Hobbs. (and his wet blanket)

Mike DuBose. (and his secretary)

Mark Gottfried. (and his wife)

Mike Price. (and his strippers)

Mike Shula. (and his stutter)

had a handshake agreement with Rich Rodriguez. (and his coal-miner's-daughter)

tell me again happy how smart you have to be to make decisions about coaches at Alabama.

a blind orangutan throwing darts...............

Msmilie said...

Look, I'm willing to extend an olive branch to you, but you need to discontinue the derisive tone in order for me to do that.

I didn't say the decision makers were infallible. All I'm saying is they have a better view of the day-in/day-out operation than you and I do. Bill Battle has a greater understanding of what Grant is doing as head coach than you or I have. Our opinions of Grant, both favorable and unfavorable, are not coming from a position of knowledge. I don't know the man, you don't know the man. Neither one of us has spent a second in an Alabama practice or team meeting. It's silly for either one of us to think we know for sure the state of the Alabama program.

That job falls to Bill Battle. And, for better or worse, we have to hope he's making the best decisions based on the information at his disposal. Therefore, one could make the argument that this continued debate we have over the merits or demerits of Anthony Grant serves no purpose at all other than to further diminish what time we have left remaining on this planet. This is the Alabama Basketball Blog, not the Alabama Basketball Sucks Blog. I'd rather spend the time looking towards next season and hoping for success rather than to continue to pontificate about Anthony Grant or call Bill Battle incompetent. Believe it or not, this is not a conspiracy by the Alabama power structure to create a living hell for Bama basketball fans. There are, unfortunately, some sports that are elevated higher than others at the University of Alabama, but the goal of any athletic department at the end of the day is to win in every sport. The decision to retain Anthony Grant was made with the program's best intentions in mind. The verdict on that decision will be known in 365 days.

finebammer said...

"I didn't say the decision makers were infallible."

was it the curry hire that got you or price's strippers? (rhetorical question)

"Fans speak from a position of ignorance and emotion......."

let me tell you what i know, happy.

i know results.

and the results are that since alabama and wichita state met in the NIT final a few years back, one program has gone one way, the other another.

that cannot be disputed.

there are many reasons for that. but it doesn't change the fact that anthony grant is the coach and that's his baby. and Alabama had legitimate cause to move on.

make a bet with me happy. i'll bet you this time next year, bill battle won't be Alabama's athletic director.

Msmilie said...

Very well. We shall continue to snipe at one another. Can't say I'm surprised by your reaction. You're a naive, petulant little boy. It's obviously the best you have to offer the world. So be it.

You're comparing apples and oranges in regards to Wichita. You've got a Wichita program with a head coach that just wrapped up his 16th year as a head coach. Grant has half that amount of years as a head coach. Let's give Grant an equal amount of time as a head man before we compare him to Marshall. You also have a Wichita program that has one of the most supportive fanbases in the country. A school that lives only for basketball. Alabama's program by comparison isn't even close to Wichita's in terms of support right now.

That's not a very sound bet regarding Battle, simply because I don't know of anyone who thought Battle was in this gig for the long haul. I can't take you up on that one.

You know what you can do with that branch.