Friday, April 18, 2014

Hiring and firings- Coaching Carousel 2014

We mentioned the SEC ones in the previous post and comments... here is a tally of moves so far.

Haith was a horrible hire for Mizzou and I bet they are thanking Tulsa for taking him from them. Mizzou's AD obviously noticed the attendance issue this season there... a place that normally sells out (or close to it) and probably put the bug in Haith's ear to look around kinda like Trent Johnson did at LSU a few years back.

Tennessee can't be happy as now they are competing with Mizzou for a marquee head coach. Add to that UTK isn't in a good financial situation I suspect they find one 'on the cheap' while Mizzou grabs a mid-major coach to easily replace Haith.

Finding a coach 'on the cheap' isn't necessarily a bad thing... probably more value in grabbing a top assistant for a HC job than bringing one in from a mid-major... something we will probably do when the time comes.


bobbyjack said...

I think the odds of getting a good coach here by going the top asst route is as good as hiring a mid major coach. I'm not sure what Wojo is making @ Marquette, but I suspect it is less than $1.5 million per. It is the route I suspect we go... and I really don't have a problem with that.

finebammer said...

just hiring any coach isn't going to do it at Alabama. it's going to require a culture change. and they don't do change in tuscaloosa. when you see Coleman Coliseum blasted to start a new arena, that's a sign.

auburn hiring pearl might do it. i want to say again i in no way wanted to see the likes of pearl at Alabama. but i do believe pearl will win big at auburn. he's never been at a job that fit him better. he's got a new arena to work in and a fan base that will love him and show up for games. and somebody at Alabama is gonna have to deal with him.

short of that and it's football, football, football.

crimsontider said...

Some Good news: Jeff Garrett committed to Alabama, putting us just one player short of a full roster.

finebammer said...

well, well. mr. sec ranks Alabama the fifth most attractive basketball program in the SEC.

flush w/ money.

"enormous" fan base.

tradition on par w/ UT, Mizzou.

interesting observations to say the least.

crimsontider said...

I agree with him. I'd give us the slight nod over UT, due to their insane fan base.

bobbyjack said...

Disagree... we are 8th mostly because the fanbase is football 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, with recruiting coming in 5th on the list.
Unrelated- can anyone think of a time when BOTH Alabama and Auburn were NCAAT teams in the same year?

crimsontider said...

Just curious Bobby, who are the seven team you would put ahead of us?

bobbyjack said...

Missouri, UTK, Vanderbilt.
Do you think Mike Anderson would've left Mizzou for Bama? What about Stallings?

Tennessee cares more about hoops now since their FB team kinda sucks... and to be honest, our FB success hurts the hoops side a bit since the majority of the fanbase only pays attention to hoops when FB is in a slump (thanks Dubose and Shula).

crimsontider said...

I would put Mizzou ahead of us, but I also have heard that CMA would have left for our job in 2009, had he been contacted.

I would put us 5th, behind UK, UF, MIzzou, and Arkansas in that order. I have us ahead of UT, because while they do have a passionate fan base, their expectations are through the roof, and are pretty much impossible to satisfy.

Case in point, they just got turned down by La Tech coach Michael White.

I thought this part was interesting.

"If you doubt that Alabama is viewed as a strong draw by coaches, just remember that current coach Anthony Grant was the hottest up-and-comer in the country when UA lured him to Tuscaloosa. Throw out your biases and look at who each school has been able to hire recently. Bama’s a better gig than some might think."

Yep, our job has a better reputation then some of us might realize….

crimsontider said...

Also, UT is bankrupt.

DJC said...

I disagree on Vandy. Horrible facilities plus the academic requirements. Utk has the potential to be better than us, for the reasons you state, but their athletic dept. is a mess right now, financially and otherwise.