Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reggie Witherspoon replaces Tony Pujol on staff

Witherspoon spent 14 years as the head coach of Buffalo.  He had one NIT appearance and a 3 CBI/College insider trips.  He had an overall record of 197-225, conference record of 96-142.  From what I have read, his teams were known mostly for their solid defense.

There seemed to be some issues with the staff last season, just based on the coaching staff's interactions on the bench during games.  Obviously I'm in no position to say whether Pujol was responsible for that or not, but generally speaking I am not opposed to making some changes after the worst season in decades.

The positives:  He has connections to the talent rich Northeast so maybe he can help us pull some recruits from that area, although I wish he were from the city rather than upstate NY.  Being a former head coach has its advantages, and I suspect Coach Grant missed having that experience on the bench when Hipsher left. He brings experience to the table and a philosophy that Coach Grant is comfortable with.

The negatives:  He's never really been an assistant coach.  Since being an assistant in high school, he's been head coach of a high school team and a Juco team before taking over Buffalo.  It could be difficult for him to transition into the assistant role.  Furthermore, he doesn't really seem to bring a skill to the table that Coach Grant staff don't already have.  If he was known for landing/developing big men or an innovative offensive approach, I would be more excited.

Bottom line:  We probably needed to make some sort of staff changes, and a top notch assistant is not going to jump onto what many currently perceive as a sinking ship.  In any event, welcome Coach Witherspoon, I hope this proves to be a good fit and opportunity for everyone involved.  


bobbyjack said...

Heh. I was hoping it was Reese or maybe even "Terrible" Tim. I will let the audience search the reference for the 2nd one.

crimsontider said...

This should have happened at least a year or two (as I have said), Pujol's a nice guy, but never really gave much in the recruiting or the x's and o's department. Witherspoon is a solid hire, like you said no really good assistant is going to want to come here with the very real possibility that they may have to look for another job in a year. He does a good job in the player development department, and his experience as a head coach will give CAG a crutch that he can lean on.

Drifter said...

Witherspoon supposedly ran a motion offense at Buffalo.

finebammer said...

terrible tim.........witherspoon. boxer.

bobbyjack said...

Give that man a bucket of pride. I'm a boxing fan from way back so I remember this bum fighting.

Drifter said...

According to reports, Witherspoon is a native 'Buffallonian'. And as far as I can tell, he has spent virtually his whole life in that area.

Drifter said...

Witherspoon said he’s thrilled to be headed to Alabama.

“As soon as you hit campus, you can feel the difference. Everything is big down there,” he said.

“When you’re an assistant, you’re not worrying about delegating authority. I want to assist Anthony Grant in any way I can.”