Tuesday, April 08, 2014

What do you think about Northwestern unionizing and the reaction from the NCAA pres?

Article about NU getting the right to unionize.
Coach urges Northwestern players to not join union.
NCAA president opposes union (shocking).

My 2 cents... I like where this is heading. While I am not generally a fan of unions, in this case with college athletics I am. The term "student-athlete" hasn't been applicable in over 20 years with the revenue the universities generate through TV deals, selling of jerseys, etc. I'm kinda liking this whole bogus model being blown to pieces and having something more fair to the athletes in its place (and let's be honest, most of them wouldn't be in college if given the choice).

Obviously there is a slippery slope here. Not all DI schools make money on college sports (football and basketball) so there will have to be a dividing line between the revenue generators and ones that actually have student-athletes which from my understanding is being talked about now within the NCAA (which only happened because the Northwestern union was allowed).

I wish the NFL and NBA would do more as far as farm leagues to accommodate those kids that don't want to be in college at all. The NBA does have the NBDL, but is sorely underutilized. Basketball also has international leagues (dozens of former Bama players are out there) to hone their skills. Neither are million dollar jobs, but it's a decent paycheck doing something they love and an avenue to possibly make it to the big leagues (see Alonzo Gee).



crimsontider said...

I have seen a lot of complaints about the current "system", but very few realistic alternatives. The NCAA may not have it exactly right, but what are the realistic alternatives. If you turn School athletic programs into a workforce, then wouldn't the employers then have the right to fire or trade their employees (student-athletes)?

finebammer said...

condensed: unions fuck things up. period.

bobbyjack said...

They kinda do... with one year 'renewable' scholarships.
The only thing I know for sure is the students (especially in football) need more than a free education since a lot of them feel like they're in their 40s in their early to late 20s.

bobbyjack said...

Unless you are that guy that skipped out on Arizona (Brandon 'something'... too lazy to check name) college is the only way to the NBA.
Like I said above... it took something like a union (which I generally despise) to get the NCAA to look at reform.
We pay a college coach in excess of $4 million/yr... $7 million if you lose your last 2 games... I think we can spare more than $200/week during the season in addition to this education that most of them don't really care about. You got to remember many of these 'student-athletes' have no income from their parent(s) so room, board, and school ain't enough for them to be a true college kid. I have had this conversation too many times with former players that pretty much echo this.
IMO they way the schools use the kids to make millions without much of a kickback is ridiculous.

crimsontider said...

I don't disagree, but again what is the solution? These kids probably do deserve something, and I would be open to some sort of stipend, but like I said, what's the alternative?. It's not as easy as "Disband the NCAA"