Monday, May 05, 2014

Oregon St fires Craig Robinson (Obama's brother in-law)

Seems like they didn't blink about a $4 million buyout despite not having the funds we do.

Add to this what Bill Battle said recently about our basketball program, I continue to scratch my head at the direction we are going (hint- it's approaching Gilligan's Island hilarity).


Drifter said...

@CecilHurt "Brandon Austin, 2015 Alabama basketball commit. RT @jumpman_brandon: Choosing to see my other options out for college"

crimsontider said...

Austin is still committed to Alabama. The real question is, Is Anthony Grant still committed to Brandon Austin?

crimsontider said...

There was a lot of blinking at OSU, but none of it had to do with Robinson's buyout. I don't think i've ever seen a May firing for basketball related reasons. I read Battle's comments. I thought Gilligan's island summed it up pretty well. My opinion of BB is well known, so I will not comment any further.

crimsontider said...