Thursday, May 08, 2014

SEC/Big 12 challenge matchups

We are not participating.

Arkansas-Iowa St, Florida-Kansas, and Texas-Kentucky are the only good match-ups IMO.

Unrelated- I'm probably going to take on a smaller role on this blog starting next season... my disgust with our AD concerning hoops makes me a subjective poster. I've always tried to go the objective route, but to be honest I can't do that this coming season.


crimsontider said...

"I didn't think it was a fun job, and after a year I can tell you it isn't"

"I'm going to do it (be Alabama's AD) as long as I'm having fun."
Bill Battle, ladies and gentlemen.

"I'm probably going to take on a smaller role on this blog starting next season... my disgust with our AD concerning hoops makes me a subjective poster."

What's wrong, Bobby? Are you not having "fun"?

Msmilie said...

It could be commentators like yourself have made this place a toxic wasteland. Bobby isn't the only one taking a smaller role on this blog going forward. Enjoy the morass, fellas.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

The match-ups are mostly even though I would have TCU playing USC and Ole Piss playing OSU. I guess Baylor and Ia St were way better than Ark and Vandy but don't know who's coming back on those teams. You know the TV guys would have wanted Mizzou-KU but I'm sure KU nixed that one. I'm a bit surprised KU isn't match with UK. Didn't UF played at KU just this past season?

I am disappointed not to see Bama in this event. Even though I agree we need to tone down our schedule, these can be fun events and get some national exposure. I wonder if we declined or wasn't asked to participate?

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

Big12 goes 8-2. UK and OM only SEC winners

finebammer said...

" disgust with our AD concerning hoops makes me a subjective poster."

you did read that part, right?? happy??

sounds to me like it could be due to head-up-a-coach's-ass sunshine pumpers.......kind of like YOU.

the sad thing about BJ's pronouncement is that it's a microcosm of a bigger issue surrounding Bama b'ball currently. and it's the hopeless feeling that those in tuscaloosa just don't give a shit. so why should i?

at a place that gave a damn about championship caliber basketball, anthony grant wouldn't be the coach after the last five years.

and if one could see past a coach's $1200 shoes, that would be obvious.

Msmilie said...

He's upset with the AD and how he sees the direction of the program, but I think his apathy is also due to the element that now appears to be the majority of the readership here. Bobby has never expressed any disapproval with my views of the basketball program. I suppose if he felt as strongly as you seem to imply, he would have removed my name from the right hand side some time ago. No, he's an objective-minded individual and for that I applaud him. He started this blog. He could damn well write whatever he wanted if that was his sole desire. Yet, he's not doing that, because I assume he doesn't want the negativity and disappointment he feels towards Alabama basketball to become his calling card, thus reducing the blog to nothing more than a litany of bitches and moans. He would do well to take a page from his book, Finebammer. Then again, books don't seem like your thing.

As I said, this place has become a toxic wasteland and I'm taking an extended break from reading and writing here with no regrets. Not because I don't enjoy writing about basketball or the friendships I've formed with DJC and Bobby as a result of our interest in Bama basketball. No, it's the thought of never having to spend another minute engaged in discussion/combat with an repugnant idiot like yourself that fills me with a, dare I say it, happiness that is full and enriching.

All things must pass (or must be ruined by nimrods like yourself). Perhaps when the readership of this blog evolves, I'll come back and see what's shakin'. Until then, bon voyage, douchebag.