Saturday, August 16, 2014

Full schedule released (see right hand column in full browser) and predictions

Link to schedule
I predict a 8-5 non-conference record and 10-8 conference record for a total of 18-13 overall.

This should be enough to keep Grant around another year.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Non-Conference Schedule released

Nov. 14         TOWSON#                                                  TUSCALOOSA              
Nov. 17         WESTERN CAROLINA#                           TUSCALOOSA              
Nov. 20         SOUTHERN MISS                                      TUSCALOOSA              
Nov. 24         vs. Iowa State%                                        Kansas City, Mo.        
Nov. 25         vs. Maryland/Arizona State%             Kansas City, Mo.
Dec. 2            SOUTH FLORIDA                                       TUSCALOOSA              
Dec. 6            at Xavier                                                      Cincinnati, Ohio
Dec. 13         TENNESSEE TECH                                     TUSCALOOSA              
Dec. 16         at Wichita State                                        Wichita, Kan.
Dec. 19         STILLMAN                                                   TUSCALOOSA              
Dec. 21         APPALACHIAN STATE                             TUSCALOOSA              
Dec. 28         UCLA                                                             TUSCALOOSA              
Jan. 2             NORTH FLORIDA           

This should be much more manageable than last year's slate.  Southern Miss is a solid team and is a game that could give us problems, in addition to the obvious challenges of Iowa State, Xavier, Wichita State, and UCLA.  I'm assuming we were unable to find a D1 opponent willing to come to Tuscaloosa and had to settle for Stillman.  I don't like playing D2 schools in real games.  I understand we have to play some weak teams to fill out a schedule, but I wish we would at least change it up some, it seems like the North Florida Ospreys come to Tuscaloosa every year.  

Unless the football team fails to make the SEC championship game, I probably won't make it to any road games.  If the football team isn't in Atlanta, I guess I'll go to Cincy for the Xavier game, but all the other away games are during the week.  I was really hoping to make it to Wichita too.  

In other news, congratulations to both Trevor Releford and JaMychal Green.  Releford signed with a team in Poland, and Green signed a contract with the San Antonio Spurs.  Best of luck to both of them.