Saturday, August 16, 2014

Full schedule released (see right hand column in full browser) and predictions

Link to schedule
I predict a 8-5 non-conference record and 10-8 conference record for a total of 18-13 overall.

This should be enough to keep Grant around another year.


bobbyjack said...

Replying to both...
FB- Battle proved last year hoops is way down the list of priorities with his "Battle Plan" blog. I have accepted it to be the case... and a 18-13 record would in his eyes show significant improvement warranting another year.
CT- I think I can nail the OOC ones (the five expected), but SEC play I just figured we'd win 10. If I had to guess the losses I'd say 2 vs UK, UF, Ark, @ aTm, @ SC lite, @ LSU, and @ the Barn. I say we could go as high as 11-7 or as low as 7-11.
I literally have ZERO enthusiasm for this coming season.

Alex said...

I don't think anything less than the NCAA tournament is good enough to keep Grant the exception being if we somehow did very well in the SEC and the consensus was that we were snubbed. Anyways, Pearl has really hit the recruiting trail hard and I'm just hoping that he somehow stubs his toe somewhere otherwise we're about to get pushed into irrelevancy.

crimsontider said...

Anthony Grant got a Twitter account, for anyone on here who participates in social media.

finebammer said...

insoniacs rejoice.