Thursday, October 30, 2014

A challenge for Crimson Tide Marketing- PROMOTE THE 11/14 GAME vs Towson

At the very worst a 1 loss Mississippi State team will be coming into Tuscaloosa on 11/15 to play one of the biggest games in college football. Chances are the #1 team in the nation will be here along with College Gameday.

The night before we open the basketball season vs Towson.

Kickoff is probably going to be 2:30PM CST on the 15th so anyone NOT within a 2 hour drive is probably coming into Tuscaloosa the night before. HOW ABOUT GETTING SOME MARKETING DONE TO ATTRACT THESE FANS? Git 'er dun!

Game time for Towson last I checked is 8PM CST. That is a perfect time for those travelling into Tuscaloosa the night before the Mississippi State game to attend and maybe spur interest in coming back for another down the road. My plans are to do just that (anyone got a ticket? heh).

A couple years ago we had a similar scenario with aTm coming in and the hoops team opening up against North Dakota St. I attended and was dismayed at the maybe 4K fans in attendance. I am hoping for a better showing of fans.

I get the apathy towards hoops right now... heck, I'm probably the most negative of the contributors here on this season and the near future of hoops in Tuscaloosa, but I'll still try to attend a few games when I can.

I was happy with Hoops on the Quad... hopefully this was not an anomaly, but a preview of future promotion of the hoops teams (men and women).


Alias said...

I have a buddy who played football at Towson who lives in Birmingham. Even HE did not want tickets to that game. It's a sad state of affairs. Hopefully the team can promote itself by winning some games.

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