Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Alabama Basketball Presents "Hoops on the Quad" on October 18th

The men's and women's basketball teams are coming together to promote the two programs on October 18th with the Hoops on the Quad event. It will take place at noon prior to the Texas A&M football game. An outdoor court will be set up for the event, which will be an hour long. According to "The 1 hour event will be held on a special outdoor court and showcase both the men's and women's teams as they participate in a variety of activities that is sure to be entertaining for fans. Among the list of activities are a special team introductions, skills competition, a three-point shootout, a brief scrimmage and other surprise entertainment. Both teams will remain on site following the show to sign autographs for fans"

This is a good idea. There have been many at this blog and elsewhere that have called for the basketball teams to promote themselves more diligently. This is certainly a step in the right direction of doing that. And holding the event on the Quad before what should be a huge football game should draw a lot of fans to the event. It doesn't guarantee higher attendance for games this season (it will take more wins for that to happen), but it certainly should elevate interest in Bama basketball four weeks before the season begins.

I'm hoping one of the crack staff will be attending the A&M game, and will be able to provide a recap of the event. If any readers attend the event, please respond in the comments section with your version of events.

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DJC said...

UAB does a "Hoops on the Hassphault," I went to it a couple of years ago, and it sounds exactly like the description of this. I could have sworn I wrote something about it on the blog here, but couldn't find my original post (maybe because it doesn't actually exist).

Anyway, I've been clamoring for a midnight madness type event for years, but this may even be a better idea. In the current environment, only the most hardcore fans would come to a late night event on a Friday, but hopefully the weather will be nice and it's right in the heart of where thousands of UA fans will be tailgating for a football game. If it's like the UAB deal, the scrimmage will be a very small part of it (which is disappointing to fans like me), but good from a marketing perspective in that there are a lot of light-hearted segments that will appeal to the casual or curious potential fan.

This is long overdue, and I can't help but wonder if it's a response to you-know-who coaching at you-know-where. Regardless, kudos to those involved for finally getting this right.