Monday, November 17, 2014

Fresh Meat- Western Carolina Catamounts

WCU gets another shot at a SEC West team tonight. They lost @ M$U 66-56 on 11/14. Box score is here. I didn't see the game, but despite the 10 point loss it looks like they were dominated. James Sinclair did put up 20 points on 50% shooting.

Seven of the 12 that see PT for WCU are juniors or seniors. Pretty much the norm for most mid-major squads. Rhett Harrelson and Justin Browning are Alabama natives (Enterprise and Sylacauga).

Write up from the official WCU site. WCU was picked to finish 7th in the Southern Conference.

Game is 9PM EST (8PM CST) on the SEC Network.


RichTide said...

Good win the other night. Defensively intensity not as good as previous seasons but ok with that as it seems what was lost there translated to the offense. We still can't shoot the outside shot but our rebounding appeared better.

Been hugely disappointed in Grant past 3 seasons and more disappointed in Battle for not making a change (while pissing on the few hardcore bball fans along the way). After going to NYC 2 yrs ago not making making anymore financial investment until Grant can prove he's turned the corner.

Now I'm watching this WCU disaster at Ghosttown Coliseum. Trailing in the second half against the SEVENTH best team in the Southern Conference? Let that soak in Bill Battle. This game is highlighting the same issues that have plagued this program under Grant. terrible outside shooting. Multiple offensive lapses. Giving up too many second chances. Only now we can't count on stellar defense. I hope for the players sake they pull this out and get on a roll before SEC. If they lose this one, the wheels have fallen off the season in just game 2 and Grant has set a new low bar for the program.

bobbyjack said...

Rich... think of the positives. Last year we already had a loss. We are still undefeated. Progress.
Also, it is only year 6. We need to give him more time to implement an offense.

CTider said...

Yea. I liked what I saw against Towsen. Not tonight. Our upcoming schedule will tell a lot. We'll know how good we are in a week. Not much else to say until then.

RichTide said...

Kudos to the players for gutting out a win. Hopefully they have figured out a way to win close games. But it makes me very skeptical of upcoming games vs Iowa St, Maryland, Xavier, Wichita St, UCLA, etc. Barring some earth shattering coaching in the next month we are likely looking at another losing season going into SEC.

As for Grant, and referencing Battle's memo to the fan base - is this what was promised by giving him one more year? A narrow victory over a middling Southern conference team? Let's be honest, this isn't 14-13 over Arkansas. Or even TCU 34-30 over Kansas. This team has a huge injection of talent over last year's team. WCU's Sinclair likely got zero SEC offers yet torched our defensive guru coach for

Thanks to all the guys for doing this blog. Glad you didnt all fully throw in the towel. Nowhere else to cuss & discuss Bama hoops with real bball aficionados. Unfortunately we are likely looking at another long season. Now we know what Gator football fans feel like. Hoping the outcome is different while watching the other sport perform at a high level (although UF hoops lost to Miami tonight).

RichTide said...

Agree, there are positives. Unfortunately looks like it only took him one offseason to dismantle our defense.

Watched Auburn. striking what you can accomplish during one offseason with mediocre players. Barn makes NCAA no later than next year.