Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fresh Meat- @ Wichita St

Day job has kept me busy so here's a link from earlier in the year with a team preview.
Game is 9pm EST (8CST).

My expectation is for us to be in the game for the most part. Keep it competitive and I'm content.


CTider said...

Heads have got to roll. Now. Even by Alabama basketball standards, this was a debacle and a disgrace.

Msmilie said...

If this is the final year of Grant's tenure at Alabama, I can't think of a game that will define his tenure more than this game tonight. The team was prepared and outplayed the 11th ranked team in the country for 35 minutes only to completely faceplant in the last five by being outscored 13-1. The most crushing basketball loss I can remember in a long time.