Saturday, December 06, 2014

Fresh Meat- @ Xavier Musketeers 8PM EST (7PM CST)

1st true road game as we head to Cincinnati (WKRP?) to play Xavier in the return game from last season's loss 77-74 in Coleman. Xavier is on a 2 game losing streak and so far hasn't played anyone of note.

Trevon Bluieitt and Miles Davis are ones to watch outside the arc while Matt Stainbrook is shooting 72.6% from the field and pulling down over 8 boards a game. Stainbrook worries me more than the perimeter shooting as we all know how thin we are inside.

Xavier is big... really need Taylor, Norris, and Kessens to slow them down on the boards.

Season stats
Write up from Xavier's site.
Xavier's roster

Game is on CBS Sportsnet... since I will be attending the SECCG down the road chances are if I catch any of this game it will be late 2nd half.


CTider said...

You didn't miss anything Bobby, other than your typical road shitshow. Same thing that happens anytime we have a chance to win an important game. Terrible defense. No post presence and the team was completely unprepared. Here we go again...

Alex said...

Jimmie Taylor fouls + turnovers = points + rebounds
We simply don't have an SEC caliber big man and I fear that may be the downfall of this years team.
We shot the ball well, making 53% from the field and 43% from 3 but that's probably the only encouraging thing from tonight. We need to be full court pressing the entire game like 40 minutes of hell style or something because we can't defend in the half court.

Ronald Steele said...

I missed this game. I'm looking forward to an analysis. Good to see this site is still going. Let me know how I can help

Msmilie said...

The team took a step back tonight. They haven't been a great defensive team all year, but their improved offensive game overcame it for the most part. Not tonight. They turned the ball over 17 times, and that helped Xavier go on several big runs to stretch the game out. From there, Alabama couldn't get enough stops. The game was called really tight so Xavier took a ton of free throws (26-36), and I believe Hale and Taylor fouled out as a result.

It's cool and all that Alabama is scoring more this season, but they're not going to be the team we want them to be if they don't improve defensively. Xavier was red hot shooting the ball tonight, but if a team shoots 56% from the field, 52% from 3, some of that is just poor defense. Transition D continues to be a serious problem for this team. So many times Xavier beat them down the court tonight. Sometimes even after Bama made a basket. This was a problem in the Arizona State game as well, but Arizona State missed free throws down the stretch, and that helped Bama get the win.

Xavier also obliterated Bama on the boards (+10). Jimmie, Mike and Shannon are an upgrade over Carl, Nick and Moussa, but they play way too soft. Jimmie looked great the other night against USF, but was virtually a non-factor in this game. Kessens played okay (9 pts, 5 reb), but he's not a great defender and has a tendency to foul. Riley really hustles after the ball, but he's undersized at the 4 right now.

Offensively, this team is good enough to win quite a few games going forward, but not enough to return to the postseason unless they get serious about defending. They got a week until their next game. Hopefully they spend a good deal of time this week working on their defense.

bobbyjack said...

Well... I actually got back home in plenty of time to attempt to watch the game, but then realized I didn't have that channel in my cable plan. Followed it best I can via audio stream while hoping for GT to upset FSU.

Xavier continued what they've been doing all season so I'm not surprised they shot the ball as well as they did. I'm also not surprised we got pushed around inside... I am hoping as the season progresses our "bigs" establish more of a presence inside. Right now, we win when Levi, Rodney, and our PGs shoot well from outside with Hale giving us some points "inside."

Still, this team is a fun one to watch... you can tell the chemistry is better than last year's squad. How many more wins does that translate to? I don't know, but IMO we'll win a couple this year we shouldn't.

bobbyjack said...

'Preciate the support (to all that read/comment). I'll get with Msmilie and DJC as we'd like to do some sort of Q and A with you in addition to getting some regular insight into what you'd look for on the court in a game time situation (since none of us played above HS ball).