Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fresh Meat- @ Arkansas 7PM EST (6PM CST) on ESPN2

Both teams are on 2 game losing streaks so something has to give. We got beat down by Kentucky at home while Arkansas got blown out by Ole Miss in Fayetteville. All signs point to this being the Hogs recovery game.

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For whatever reason the Hogs official site only list SEC stats so note Bobby Portis and Michael Qualis drop 42 PPG between them (23.3/18.5). They are also the top 2 rebounders. Portis is going to cause us issues inside so we need to double team him QUICKLY and force the Hogs to shoot as Madden and Beard are the only 2 shooting well from beyond the arc in SEC play. Watch Madden as he has good court vision and can drive to the hoop.

I suspect we'll see Moses Kingsley in there with Portis to counter our bigs. He mostly starts, but only gets 10MPG so far in SEC play.

We have the guard play to keep this one close and possibly even win. What we will need is for Tarrant to not be erratic, Cooper and Randolph to take more shots, and Taylor/Kessens/Norris to provide some interior defense. We keep Arkansas outside and we have a chance. While we can run with them, I suggest we don't as we have seen our transition D and it ain't pretty. Keep the game in the 60s and we can win.

Note- Anthony Grant is 6-3 vs Arkansas while Mike Anderson is 1-4 vs Alabama.


needtoknow said...

Taylor a foul machine. We have no one else. No one. We are a bunch of guards.

Tripp Goude said...

That one hurt.. really bad

CTider said...

I feel like I'm watching the same season over and over again. We lost tonight and against South Carolina because we can't rebound. We're probably going to miss the NCAAT, because we can't rebound. It's absolutely amazing that in six years, we still have not been able to recruit enough quality big men to even compete in the SEC, and that falls squarely on the shoulders of the head coach. Nice effort, but after six years, nice effort ain't gonna get it done.

bobbyjack said...

I hate to draw a football comparison, but this game is indicative of the Mike Shula era. We're close... but always find a way to lose the close ones.
I thought we played well, fought back from a early deficit, got some luck at the end to send it to OT, then more luck on the Hale 3, but in the end we derp the game thanks to a fundamental issue blocking out. As it has been most of the Grant era, we put ourselves in a position to win, yet rarely ever get the W.
I don't even get upset anymore.

CTider said...

The saddest part is that nobody is even surprised even more. Insane games like this have become the norm. Lack of rebounding, dumb play, and our basic inability to execute the fundamentals of basketball do us in every single time.

256Bradley said...

its one thing 2 get beat up by 6"5 post player vs SC but iam sure every guy 4 ARK had 2 offensive rebounds. only positive I saw was Coleman eating Retin minutes. also our Captain cant wait 2 show up until OT

Drifter said...

Entertaining game. Like someone said, I didn't even get upset at the outcome. If Battle doesn't care, then why should I?