Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fresh Meat- @ SC Lite 9PM EST (8PM CST) on ESPNU

2-0 visits 0-2 in a pivotal matchup in Columbia. For them, the want their 1st SEC win as they have lost to UF and @ Ole Miss. For us, starting 3-0 is HUGE as we got Kentucky 2x, @ Arkansas, and UF to end the month. 

After winning 7 in a row the Gamecocks have lost 2 straight. The other losses have been to Baylor (@ home), Charlotte, and Akron (those in Charleston). They do have victories over Iowa State and Clemson.

SC Lite write up

We're on Notice as Duane leads the team @ 12.4 a game. Sindari can be a Thorn(well) in our side as he's 2nd in scoring and boards.Tyrone Johnson drops 10.4 a game rounding out the double digit scorers. The Gamecocks are not a good 3 point shooting squad at a hair under 30% for the season. They do shoot 45% from the field. Defensively they are a beast though holding the opponents to 59.6 a game with 35% FG and 29% 3pt FGs.

Inside they have 2 players to watch in Laimonas Chatkevicius (I copied and pasted this as I would've have butchered his name) and Demetrius Henry putting up a combined 14 points a game. 

Winning at Tennessee sort of makes this game house money, but I'd like to win this one so the 4 of the next 5 games can be softened in case we drop those (I expect to win one of those 4 BTW). Being 3-0 would be AUsome and if we are 5-3 in SEC play going into February I'll feel pretty good about making it back to the NCAAT. I think we do it and win in Columbia behind some timely shooting by Randolph and Tarrant.


CTider said...

Not too mad about this loss, but that last play was awful.

Murray NA said...

Got to drop the High Post offense. Having Kessens and Taylor handling the basketball 30 feet from the rim is mindless. There are times when all five players are outside the three point line....won't work. In my opinion, Bama has a better basketball team than SC....should have won this one.

Msmilie said...

Have to agree. The ball was meant initially for Levi, but Carolina took him away. Justin is the safety valve and I think he panicked a little bit. Tough spot for a true freshman in only his fourth true road game (that 5th foul on Tarrant was arguably the turning point of the game). But the game was really lost on the backboards. Carolina is +11 in rebounding for this game. They scored so many second chance points. Between that and some rough calls (I hope Bama doesn't draw Pat Adams again this year), it was a frustrating game.

Unfortunately it only gets tougher. Kentucky comes in Saturday, and they looked like they got their mojo back tonight (admittedly against Missouri, but still). And then a road game at Arkansas. With that on tap, Bama really could have used a win tonight.

CTider said...

Taylor and Kessens really took a step back tonight. They were out hustled and out played all night, despite their size advantage. That wasn't good. Pat Adams certainly enjoyed being the center of attention tonight. The refs screwed us on multiple occasions, but that's road games in the SEC for you. I really don't even get mad about it anymore, although I guarantee you the we won't get any of those calls in Coleman on Saturday.

As for CAG, I don't think it's fair to pin this loss on him. I've been a huge critic of him, but other than the end of tonight's game, and the last five minutes of the Wichita State game, I really don't have any complaints for this season. I think Grant has improved as a coach this year in many areas of the game, late game management (I.e. Wichita State, South Carolina) is obviously not one of those areas. We have no Idea what we are doing in situations like that. We are consistently disorganized and panicked. The end of tonights game looked very similar to the end of the Creighton game in the 2012 NCAAT game. CMG was terrible in that area and CAG might actually be equally as bad.

All that being said, at the end of this day this loss is not that big of a deal. Kentucky on Saturday is a much bigger deal. If we win that one, who is going to care about what happened tonight? We need to come out strong, get off to a fast start, and get the crowd into it on Saturday.

Drifter said...

Late game management is precisely why I don't like Grant.

Tripp Goude said...

They killed us on the boards and that really was the turning point in the game. I thought we played good enough on the defensive side to win. As far as the offense goes, we've got to develop an inside game and quit relying so much on the 3! I agree with the refs blowing a few calls tonight. I thought Riley was fouled when he knocked his 3 down, and the fifth foul called on Ricky was garbage! According to the latest RPI rankings, that loss is the worst of the season. Hopefully on Saturday we can pull off a miracle and upset UK. Roll Tide.