Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Fresh Meat- Texas A&M- 9pm EST (8pm CST)

The SEC opener matches the 9-3 Aggies vs YOUR 10-3 Crimson Tide. A&M has a win over New Mexico (down from last season) and a win over Arizona St, but really nothing OOC of note.  Dayton, Baylor, and KState have beaten them so far. One thing I can say is A&M played a decent OOC schedule and it should help them in conference play.

Season stats

Jalen Jones, Jordan Greene and Alex Caruso have started all 12 games. Jones leads the team in point and boards (13.3/6.0) while Caruso is dropping over 6 assists a game while shooting 56% from the field.

Danuel House (the transfer from Houston) is dropping 12.1 since being cleared to play in late November. He will give us some problems as he can post and shoot the 3.

Kourtney Roberson is shooting a ridiculous 72% from the field, but only getting 5 shots a contest.

The Aggies normally go 10 deep in the rotation.

- .478 FG/.342 3pt FG
- +3.7 rebound margin
- 70.1 PPG
- .640 FT

We could use a really good game from our guards... I think we do enough to win tonight.

Game is on the SEC Network


Alex said...

As I said in a previous post, this game was a must win. I was really happy with our play in the second half tonight, especially Kessens. These last two games he has played much better and I hope that he continues making progress. With a solid inside game we become a team to be reckoned with in the SEC and a real contender to make the NCAAs. As I said in my conference outlook post, we go through a truly brutal stretch these next 9 games in conference. Two games vs Kentucky, at LSU and at Arkansas seems almost unfair and I'll be happy if we steal one of these games because any of those would be a real quality win. We cannot be swept in the next two road games at Tennessee and South Carolina. I'll be making the trip to Knoxville this weekend to watch us play. I hope we pull through. If we go 6-4 in our first 10 conference games that is a huge win for this team and would put is squarely in the discussion to make the field of 68.

Msmilie said...

Great 2nd half by Alabama tonight. Yes, A&M wasn't 100% with Jalen Jones being out, but Alabama played at such a high level in the 2nd half, I'm not sure his absence mattered in the long run.

I thought Retin was the player of the game due to the spark he provided the team off the bench. It helped break the game open. It's been a grind for the poor guy this season with the ankle injuries, but he finally appears to be getting healthy. And I also thought Tarrant attacking the basket early in the 2nd half was key. Alabama has to stop shooting themselves out of games. They took 22 field goal attempts in the 1st half. 15 of the shot attempts - 15! - were from 3 point range. That's not good shot selection even for a good 3-pt shooting team. Attacking the basket, grabbing rebounds, scoring in the paint, that opened the game up. Kessens is getting better. Get him more touches in the paint. If he doesn't get scoring opportunities, he's shown the ability to pass the ball from the post.

Riley Norris is going to be a fun guy to watch the next four seasons. Just does a lot of the little things this team missed last season. Rebounds, makes hustle plays, his numbers suggest he deserves more shots. I really like the progress he's making.

For those of you who didn't watch the game on SEC Network. They had Grant wired during the game, and it was illuminating. Usually those segments are rather timid. Not tonight. Grant was coaching his ass off. Those clips should be played every time someone wants to make the claim that Grant lacks emotion.There was a particularly interesting moment where he got after Shannon for lack of confidence and poor body language. It will be interesting to see if Shannon can accept the coaching, improve and become that great player he's capable of becoming. Some guys shut down, others answer. But maybe it takes something like that to get his mind right. His teammates continued to try and encourage him on the bench, which was good to see. Shannon might be a guy to keep an eye on Saturday. How will he respond?

Speaking of Saturday, it's a road game. A winnable road game at Tennessee. But a road game nonetheless. And we all know how well Alabama has done on the road over the last year. With the next three games @South Carolina, Kentucky and @Arkansas, Bama really needs to find a way to get over the hump and beat the Vols on Saturday. We shall see.

bobbyjack said...

I was going to make the trip to Knoxville, but life happened and can no longer go. I think the game Saturday is one we can win.
And looking at how Kentucky struggled against Ole Miss gives me a sliver of hope that we might scare them at home next week.