Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fresh Meat- @ Mississippi St 9PM EST (8PM CST) on SECN

Winner gets closer to .500 in conference, the loser is probably looking at the bottom third of the SEC as its future. State is 11-12 overall, but they have been playing much better as of late. Minus the blowout loss to Arkansas they have been within double digits in their last 7 games (winning 4 of them). They have won @ Auburn and @ Tennessee.

Free pizza to be given out to the student body in Starkville. Maybe we should try that. No one (student) refuses FREE PIZZA right?


Fred Thomas and Rogues Johnson are the only ones averaging double digits (10.4/10.2) with Gavin Ware almost there (9.9) and leading the team in boards (7.1). This is not an offensive centric squad so  expect a game in the low 60s. Craig Sword is still there... I think he played with Eric Dampier.

Not one player on the team shoots better than 36% from beyond the arc, but Ware and Johnson could be trouble inside especially with our even more depleted post players (Kessens out for the game leaving Taylor and Norris to fend for themselves)

Obasohan and Tarrant are out as well so we can relive the many years of short roster depth.

DJC pointed out that we probably need to win out to have an outside shot of the NCAAT... I have some swamp land in Nebraska to sell you if that happens.

I had this game as one of the ones we should win on the road... but they've been playing much better so I don't feel really good about this one.


disqus_lLg81JC3CF said...

Paramount to win these remaining games: Miss State, AU, SC, & Vandy. Lose tonight to Miss State & forget March Madness. I heard this afternoon that Bama needs to win 6 out of the 8 remaining games, & win one game in the SEC tournament to get in the Big Dance.

CTider said...

Need to win all of the remaining games to get in the Big Dance.

disqus_lLg81JC3CF said...

Don't see 8 wins coming. Probabilty not there. Look at past results in game winning stretches. Performance: team stats have not been consistant to guestimate a W or a L. When was the last time we had 8 wins in a row? Try to determine the probabilty of running 8 W's in row based on past performance in the offense & defense this season. Not going to happen. Even with home court advantage. Difficult to gauge home court advantage. Bama's probability of making an 8 win run might be greater if all remaing 8 games were on our home court. Just not happening. Note that an opposing team will have a home court advantage in one of these upcoming games & will have a good chance for their W. So I see some W's and some L's in the remaining games for The Tide, but no 8 game run of W's. Too much to expect with so many injuries in key positions.

CTider said...

Thank God that abomination of a basketball game is over. What the hell ever happened to the team that showed up against Texas A&M and Tennessee to start conference play?

Tripp Goude said...

Boy do we need Tarrant! With 2 players out and playing on the road, I don't care how ugly it was, we got the W.

Murray NA said...

Bama, please stop picking up your dribble when being pressed....good grief!

CTider said...

Can't even get the ball in bounds at the end of the game. All you can do is laugh at this point.

Msmilie said...

Well, Alabama didn't make it easy at the end there. But any road win is a great win. And to do it with two guys sitting out, another banged up (Kessens) and another battling the flu (Coop), hey let's take it as a good win and enjoy it.

State has regressed a little bit after really playing some inspired ball the last few weeks. They did not look good out there tonight. Alabama had a little to do with that, but I thought the shot selection for State, particularly late, was atrocious. That helped Bama ice the game. Strangely enough, State out-rebounded Bama. That surprised me because it seemed that Bama owned the boards in this game.

No real standout performance tonight, but I thought different guys stepped up throughout the game. Levi and Coop didn't have their best games, but they made plays when necessary. Coop's three to put Bama up 47-41 was probably the biggest play of the game. That or Jimmie's offensive rebound and put back. Jimmie was uneven tonight, but had a great second half.

The rebirth of Shannon Hale continues. Tonight was his fourth straight game in double figures, while he also had 4 boards, 2 assists, a steal, and only one turnover. Really solid game for Shannon. It's great to see him playing better down the stretch. Also thought Kessens played well despite being hobbled by a bad ankle. 7 pts, 6 reb. Very solid game. And I thought Devin looked much more comfortable out there tonight. Finished with 2 points, but had a layup rim out and missed a wide open look. And I thought his effort on defense was very good.

With that said, this team needs Ricky and Retin back asap. I love Justin's long-term potential, but I thought it was telling in the 2nd half, Grant seemed to want Levi running the team. The ball just wasn't getting inside the 3-point line when Justin was running the offense. With Levi running the show, the offense did a better of getting the ball inside the zone. With Shannon playing much better, getting Ricky and Retin back to stabilize the PG position could be beneficial to this team in the final month of the season. Unfortunately, Grant's inability to say when Ricky will be back makes me think that injury was much more severe than originally thought.

bobbyjack said...

Well... the upside is we are now even (+2 road/-2 home) with 2 more winnable road games @ the Barn and Vandy to go. I thought the team showed a lot of heart out there battling. As MSmilie said, Coop's 3 at the end was what we thought to be the dagger... only for us to derp it up on 2 straight inbound plays. Still... we won.

I thought watching the Mizzou game was bad... this one makes that one look like Duke-Kentucky where Laettner hits the game winning shot. I know we were short-staffed, but we looked HORRIFIC on the offensive end. Defensively, I'm not sure if it was the D or Miss State's ineptness.

Anyways, while we haven't had an 8 game winning streak since the peak Gottfried days (guessing, didn't research that), it is possible with the schedule ahead of us. UGA and aTm should be our toughest ones left with Ole Miss being the other. We shall see.

Oh, and disqus_lLg81JC3CF... you can change your display name if you want in the Disqus preferences. Just so you know.