Thursday, February 26, 2015

Levi Randolph Named Academic All-American; Ricky Tarrant Out for Season

As someone who was, shall we say, an average student, Levi's accomplishment today of being named the first Academic All-American in Alabama basketball history is something that I find extremely impressive. Being a student alone has it's share of challenges. Being an athlete on top of that is even more challenging. Congratulations to Levi for being able to balance the pressures in the classroom along with his responsibilities as a basketball player. He's been a class act and a great representative for the university.


It was also announced today that Ricky Tarrant will undergo season-ending surgery. Ricky has plantar fasciitis and what was referred to as a "bony prominence" on his knee which will also require surgery. Hopefully he will be able to make a full recovery and return next year for his senior season.

Other injury news: looks like Shannon Hale is out for Saturday's game at Vanderbilt as a result of that foot injury that occurred on Tuesday night. No word on the severity of the injury, but I've got a bad feeling we may not see Shannon return this season either. Grant says Mike Kessens is day-to-day, and will be a game-time decision on Saturday. In other words, Alabama could be playing very small ball for the foreseeable future.


needtoknow said...

Well done Levi. Congrats.

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