Sunday, March 15, 2015

Alabama Selected for NIT as 6 Seed. Will Host Illinois on Tuesday

I have to admit, I'm surprised the team was selected for the NIT in the wake of the news today regarding the firing of Anthony Grant. Should be an emotional game for the players. Alabama will host this game because of a facility conflict at Illinois. For those of you who can make it, get out to the game and support these players. Please.

Edit: We've had our disagreements here about Anthony Grant's worth as a head coach, but I think most of us agree he handled himself with class while at Alabama. Why the university couldn't extend the same class to him and wait until after the NIT announcement to make the change boggles my mind. I'm okay with them making a change regardless of what this team would do in the NIT, but at least let Grant finish the season. His players fought for him all season. He deserved the right to coach out the season. Another black eye for an administration that has looked extremely incompetent in recent months. 


finebammer said...

very surprised at this turn of events. could this be to observe somebody on the staff??

bobbyjack said...

If I can talk my Illini friend into riding over for the game I might make the 6hr round trip run over and back.
Actually kinda excited about this... really more about showing the next coach we care.

CTider said...

Firing Grant now was necessary. It's unfortunate that the players have to turn around and play a game 48 hours with a new coach, but this is about doing what's best for the program. Firing Grant now allows us to start talking to other coaches. Same reason we fired Mike Shula before the Independence Bowl. It also eliminates the possibility of him making a run, which could complicate decisions.

You can't complain about Grant being treated unfairly. If Grant was being treated like he "deserved" , he would have been fired last year. We went 13-19 last year, but because they liked him so much, they gave him another one. It's not fair to say Grant was treated unfairly after he just completed a full season, that quite frankly, he did not earn.

Drifter said...

I think the BOT is aiming higher, otherwise they would have named the interim immediately.

finebammer said...

i would certainly hope so drift. just an unusual move.