Monday, March 16, 2015

Alias Answers

I have been visibly absent from this blog almost all season long.  Part of that has been due to work and family obligations and part due to illness.  Most has been attributable to apathy.

I was in favor of replacing Coach Grant last season but was determined to show up and support my team once the decision was made to keep him.  Unfortunately the final results of the games became so predictable that I not only could not give away my season tickets but I did not even watch the games on television.  I did not want to detract from the mood of the truly involved fans who contributed regularly to this site by complaining out of ignorance.

I want to thank the Bama Basketball faithful who contacted A.D. Bill Battle to let him know your thoughts when the rumors surfaced last week that Coach Grant would be kept.  There are not many of us.  I was worried that your concerns would be ignored.  My apathy bred ignorance persuaded me to keep silent.  I could not express any opinion based on facts.  I had not been observing the team's performance.  My ill informed feelings could not have contributed anything meaningful to the conversation.

The moderators here know my long time devotion to Bama Basketball.  I fell in love with it as a student and have returned for several games almost every year since graduating.  I've been a season ticket holder for the past ten or twelve years (maybe longer) and drive round trip from Mobile to as many games as I can, often staying up well into the night to post my observations before dragging my tired, old body to bed.  I think I attended three games this past season and barely contributed to the blog.

I have no idea whom the new coach will or should be, but I do intend to support him and our team.  I will renew my season tickets.  (I was going to abandon these very good seats if Grant was retained and probably would never have bought season tickets again.)  I will attend as many games as I can next year and will add my vocal support to the team on the court in my customary, pro-active fashion.  I would urge as many of the rest of you who can to do the same.

The Bama Basketball fan base is small but very passionate.  The Tuscaloosa and Birmingham crowds are never going to support our basketball program the way they do our football program, but if we produce a winner then the crowds will return.

I urge each of you who reads and contributes regularly at this site to show up early and often to create positive energy for our team and to show the curious how true, knowledgeable basketball fans can make a major contribution to their team's success, especially at home.  The University has honored our request that they make a change.  Let's honor their decision by trying to make Coleman Coliseum one of the toughest places in the country for visiting teams to steal a victory.


finebammer said...

"The Tuscaloosa and Birmingham crowds are never going to support our basketball program the way they do our football program,....."

not if they don't try.

i want somebody to explain to me why, after losing 6 HOME GAMES IN A ROW, 9100 Auburn fans showed up for their final home game?? remember just a few short years ago the jokes we used to make about the curtain hanging in their gym??? remember?

well, i already know. it's called commitment. at some point, their athletics director, Jay Jacobs, decided he wasn't going to settle for the status quo in Auburn basketball. money was borrowed. a new arena was built. plans were made to set things up in that arena to make it a home court advantage unrivaled in the conference. then, they went and hired a real basketball coach. you may not like him. they could give a rat's ass.

the point is that aubie's see the commitment. and they're behind what they perceive as something to be real.

if we just go hire another coach and don't do anything to improve the atmosphere in Coleman, we'll get more of the same.

now with Battle's statement following the termination of Grant, it sounds like he might get it. but the Alabama basketball fan base has got to hold his feet to the fire.

we can debate who the new coach will be, who they need to be looking at. i think we can all agree the new coach will have to be someone who can come in, unite the fan base, sell the program on the recruiting trail, be an ambassador for 'Bama basketball.

but the athletic dept. has got to change the way they've been doing things in Coleman. they cannot listen to those who say we can't.

it may require stepping on some toes. they'll get over it.


DJC said...

Good to see you back. Hope all is well.

RichTide said...

Anyone that read Battle's message to the fans today has got to be charged up about Bama basketball. Calls on the fan base to show up in force for tomorrow's night game to honor the players who have given their all every game and to show future recruits and every potential head coach that Alabama is the place they want to be.

needtoknow said...

It's a shame we didn't do that before. Like FB said fixing the culture in Coleman about as important as finding the coach.